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What is Copyright Infringement?

by Roni G.

Copyright Infringement, What is Copyright Infringement

What is Copyright Infringement?

"To every cow belongs her calf, therefore to every book belongs its copy.”

- King Diarmait Mac Cerbhaill

What is copyright?

From the moment the printing press was invented, people began to abuse it.

People began to produce their copies of everything without payment going to the original authors.

To control who produced the books, to stop people writing their own dangerous ideas, printing them en masse and inciting the public into riots with lies and slander, the law was put forth to allow only some people to print the copies of books.

There would be no peace if everyone was allowed to print everything they wanted, it was said.

So the copyright statute was invented.

Copyright Infringement

What is copyright law?

Creative and scientific minds toil and struggle for years, creating, developing, and researching their ideas until they reach perfection.

After which, those ideas would promptly be stolen and used by someone else for their own profit. Others would steal the fruits of their suffering and hard work.

To prevent this, copyright law was invented.

This allowed creative forces in the population to produce their ideas, make money off them while preventing others from stealing their ideas and using their labor for themselves.

It allowed them to make an honest livelihood of their ideas and inventions. Copyright law allows risk-takers to take risks — to spend time inventing and creating and be assured they will make a profit on their sweat in time.

What is Copyright Infringement

Piracy and theft

People need and depend on the hard work of intelligent and creative persons in society. An enormous amount of labor is dedicated by people and organizations to create. They are entitled to the fruits of their labor.

When this is broken, when someone takes a copyrighted work, and reproduces, performs, or distributes someone else’s work, they are committing copyright infringement.

All countries have their own versions of copyright protection; however, the basic idea is the same.If other people wanted to enjoy the benefits of an invention or a work of art, like a song someone would like to place in their movie, a character someone would like to put in their book or use a type of scissors or the car invented by someone else, what could they do?

They could seek a license from the inventor. This would let them use the idea, make money off the labor of someone else, but also make them pay a fee to the original creator for having used their creation.

Everybody wins. The creators get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. People who want to copy the ideas get to do so and get a license and pay fees to the creator.


The rightful property of the owner

Creative, intelligent people make intellectual property.

The concept of an invention, the story in a book, the lyrics to a song, are all intellectual property. This property can be copyrighted, trademarked, or patented, which are variations of the same concept: To protect creations of the mind.

Piracy and theft are what happens when a person steals someone else's intellectual property.  These are considered both civil and criminal violations.

Governments and businesses are involved in a perpetual game of cat and mouse with those who steal intellectual property.

Criminals attempt to create fake products with similar looking brands, logos, lyrics, music, characters, ideas, from already copyrighted ideas, to use their hard work to profit themselves illegally.

As time passes, technology improves the ability to steal the hard work of others in creative ways. Whether modifying the Bible, printing your revised bible and getting into disputes with kings, or downloading a pirated movie, all such behavior prevents the rightful owners from their profit and credit.

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