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Corporate Counsel – Here Is What You Need to Know about Being a Corporate Counsel!

by Alvin V.

Corporate Counsel, Corporate Counsel Salary

Here Is What You Need to Know About Being a Corporate Counsel!

What is the corporate counsel and what are corporate counsel jobs like? Corporate counsel refers to the act of providing legal counsel to companies and businesses. Corporate counsel jobs require you to give legal advice and act as attorney for the companies and organizations that have hired you. The Association of Corporate Counsel provides American Corporate Counsel job listings. The organization was founded to cater to attorneys who practiced in the corporate framework, with private-sector organizations. Association of Corporate Counsel Jobs is highly sought after corporate counsel work positions in some of the most prestigious privately run organizations around the world.

How Do You Get Hired as a Corporate Counsel?

Corporate counsel jobs are usually extended to individuals who have prior experience working with a law firm. As a corporate counsel, you will be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of the law, the ability to implement legal compliance and preventive measures, extraordinary written and oral communication skills, capacity for negotiating and strong integrity.

Corporate Counsel

How Does One Keep Their Corporate Counsel Jobs?

Most companies, even when they do have a legal department in place, are looking to save money. If it’s a small company/business, their legal department will only contain a couple of people. If it’s a bigger organization, the founders may have invested to develop a robust legal team. As an American Corporate Counsel or a corporate counsel practicing in any part of the world, you can expect to meet several challenges as part of your job. No matter how low the budget of your legal team and however few people in your team to assist you out, you need to find ways to integrate into the company culture. Once you’ve done this, you can start building company trust for you and become a strategic resource that the company cannot do without.

How to Become a Successful American Corporate Counsel

The tips and suggestions mentioned below will not only help you become a successful American Corporate Counsel but a priceless corporate counsel in any part of the world.

  • Educate others on your role - What is corporate counsel if not an enabling position? You have to sit your clients down and make them understand how a legal team in a company does not inhibit business but in fact, enables better business transactions.
  • Try to use non-legal language – You need to be able to tell your peers at the office about the work you are doing and most of them will not be aware of legal terminology. It is a job to use easy language to communicate to them how you are aiding that the business goals are met while following legal compliance at every step.
  • Quantify your service – Every time you interact with a client, ask them to provide you with a satisfaction score. It will help motivate your team further in working towards your goals. Also, you can use this score to show proof of your value to the company management.
Corporate Counsel Salary

Corporate Counsel Salary

A big draw for lawyers wanting to enter corporate counsel jobs is the corporate counsel salary they’ll get paid. The average corporate counsel salary in the US is $115,327. If you manage to bag Association of Corporate Counsel Jobs, you can expect to get paid more. Association of Corporate Counsel Jobs pays higher corporate counsel salary than most other organizations. At the Association of Corporate Counsel, you can get compensated as much as $148K p.a. for your corporate counsel.

So, if you want to land yourself a corporate counsel job, educate yourself with a degree in corporate law and then practice at a law firm for a couple of years. The next thing you know, you will be enjoying a fat corporate counsel salary, as a respectable corporate counsel, at an up and coming private organization.


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