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Digital Marketing Explained in Full

by Roni G.

Digital Marketing, What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing product and services using any form of digital device is digital marketing. It is relegated mainly to marketing on the internet or online marketing, by using channels like social media, websites, emails, and search engines. Offline marketing is any digital marketing done offline and includes display advertising and mobile phones.

Online Digital Marketing:

SEO (Search engine optimization) – The goal of any business is to attract traffic to their website. SEO is the process of pulling this traffic from search engines when people search for information using particular keywords or terms. It encompasses building a user-friendly website with great content and encouraging other websites to recommend your site. Also, it induces individuals to recommend your site on social media too. The goal is to get your site to show, as ideally, one of the top three sites in searches for particular words. 

SEM (Search engine marketing) – Buying ads on search engines to enhance website traffic is search engine marketing. When people run a search, the search engine results page (SERP), will have sponsored results that appear on the side or top of the page. It is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or paid search. How it works is, every time the ad is clicked, the advertiser pays the search engine an agreed amount. It is a win-win situation because the website benefits from traffic it converts to sales and the search engine are rewarded for hosting the ad. Two most frequently used paid search tools are Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing – This is the nucleus of SEO. Once the traffic is drawn to your site, you will need to convert it to sales. Having high-quality content that educates and informs the consumer and doesn’t solely promote, is vital. If the content is consistently good, it facilitates building customer relationships that in turn convert to customer loyalty. 

SSM (Social Media Marketing) – Increasingly people are relying heavily on social media to educate themselves about a brand and the products it offers. Social media can exponentially extend a company’s reach to educate potential customers and help build brand equity. It is key that companies adopt a social thread to their marketing ideas. Social Media is also a storehouse of information for customer feedback and helps enhance customer service.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is a form of passive marketing where you refer potential buyers to a product, and the seller makes a sale as a result of your referral. You earn a commission on each sale, just for your recommendation. It is a very popular online money making strategy. Choosing the right products, creating excellent content and building bridges that will draw consumers to your reviews is what’s important.

What is Digital Marketing
Email Marketing – Customers are inundated with hundreds of marketing emails, so companies employ strategies to make their emails stand out. The five main characteristics any engaging email needs are – trustworthy, relevant, informative and conversational, consistent across all channels and strategic.

Offline Marketing:

Mobile Marketing – Is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies and includes a mobile app, SMS, MMS, and call marketing. Since people are always on their phones, it is an extremely effective marketing strategy if done well.  

TV and Radio Marketing – Companies still spend most of their money on TV marketing. Some detractors though, are of the belief that both TV and radio marketing is not effective as online strategies as they are not relevant to every consumer that watches or listens to them.

Billboard Marketing – Companies do not mind paying anywhere from $1million to $4million to rent out billboard space for a year in Times Square, New York, because they realize that this form of marketing still has value. Billboard location is key though.


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