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What is Distributive Property?

by Garry S.

What is Distributive Property, Metaphor, Online University

Distributive Property: Definition, Use & Examples

If you are a math head, you will know your plusses and minuses from the multiplexes of multiplication and division, parentheses associated with formulae and what have you. For the less inclined as many of us are, the definition of distributive property is a detailed mathematic principle that makes the process of math work, effectively. To put it simply (as detailed across the internet), one can arrive at a conclusion through the expanse of parentheses by simplifying mathematical problems. Here are some examples.

Do the Math

The prime factor of the distributive property is that arriving at the solution does not have to follow the same methodology. Multiplying a number by a group of numbers added together is pretty much like multiplication. Here is a simple example when 3 x (2+4) = 3x2 + 3x4, and you arrive at the same conclusion! Simply put, the number 3 is used and distributed into 2+4 into 3 times 2 and three times 4. 

What is Distributive Property

Conclusive Solving

To the average person quite perplexed with the number game, it can throw you off your game, distributively speaking. But with the use of the distributive index and the use of figures so aptly put, it makes perfect sense for the kids and adults of today to figure out solutions to the answer without the same median approach. Here is another example – if a = 2, b= 4 and c = 9, how about we obtain both sides of the same value through this approach.

(a + b) . c = (2+4).9

= (6) .9

The answer is 54

Another calculation in a different context

a.c+b.c = (2.9) + (4.9)

= 18+36

Arriving at the figure again at 54

To put it, in a nutshell, the distributive property for both problems stands to be firm with the logical conclusion.

What is a Metaphor?

A metaphor is used to illustrate a thought, an idea or what have you without actually referring to the predicate or subject – it is an implied comparison. For instance – I am drowning in a sea of unhappiness. Or, her words cut deeper than a knife leaving me paralyzed with shock. For both the metaphors there is an implied comparative analysis that lets the reader or listener comprehend the deep issues from within without going into depth with the reasoning. The analogy is clear. One cannot drown in grief, water drowns. Words cannot physically cut the body, but they do wreak havoc.  The use of metaphors is vastly used as they bring to the fore an emphasis without being too detailed or verbose.

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In General

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