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What is Dogpile and How to Use It

by Peggy B.

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What is Dogpile and How to Use It

We all have at some point toggled between search engines to find a particular information. Accessing different search engines at the same time can be frustrating. There is a risk of information overload, and if your system is as archaic as your grandparents’ gramophone, you will have a tough time keeping your sanity intact as it hangs and starts behaving like a catatonic patient. Wouldn’t it be better if we had a search engine that brings together the best of all the worlds? Well, Dogpile exactly does that.

Dogpile: An introduction and brief history

Launched in 1995, Dogpile was the brainchild of Aron Fin. The search engine, instead of showing its own results, fetches results from different search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Yahoo! Dogpile also collects information from a number of audio and video content providers. The metasearch engine was acquired by Go2Net, that in turn, was later acquired by Infospace. In 2005, Dogpile, in association with Pennsylvania University and University of Pittsburg conducted a research that was focused on ascertaining the benefits of using a metasearch engine.

The study showed that anyone search engine alone does not provide users with all the information they need. To help users get the best results, Dogpile decided to restructure its metasearch engine. Dogpile was named the best Residential Online Search Engine for two consecutive years (2006 and 2007) by J.D. Power and Associates. Dogpile’s official mascot is Arfie, a dog featuring on its widget. The idea behind using a dog as the mascot was inspired by the animal’s fetching capabilities, positioning the website’s ability to fetch swift results. According to the metasearch engine’s official website, the name Dogpile was inspired by the company’s vision to create a tool that piles useful information at one place.


When you visit Dogpile, you will find a rectangular box that you can use to submit search queries. You can also click on the respective tabs above this box to watch videos, news, and images. The metasearch engine also has a toolbar that uses Dogpile’s proprietary technology to help users search for information on Firefox and Internet Explorer in an alternate way.


Category links: Just like other search engines, Dogpile has various category links such as videos, shopping, images, and news. You can click on the respective link to search related content.

Search button: Once you insert your query in the search box, click on this button to get relevant results.

Search filter: Dogpile gives you the option to moderate the content you want to see. The metasearch engine’s search filter feature has three options

  • None
  • Moderate
  • Heavy

If you use the None option, Dogpile won’t filter out any explicit content. The Moderate option will remove a moderate level of explicit content and the Heavy option will remove almost all explicit content.

Preferences: You can use the button to create customized search preferences.

InetelliFind: The feature studies the search terms you use to recommend additional content.

Dogpile Search

Yellow Pages: The feature allows you to use Yellow Pages to perform a search.

Spelling Correction: The feature highlights spelling errors and suggests spellings. It also autocorrects common spelling mistakes.

Statistics Bar: Shows the number of search results returned.

Recent Searches: Keeps a track of the most recent searches. Every time you close the browser, the list will be reset.

Favorite Fetches: Curates a list of most popular searches by other users.

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