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Dosh App: Learn How the Cash Back App Works!

by Eric C.

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What is Dosh App and What are the Features You Should Know About?

Skeptical about cash back apps? Unsure about downloading a cashback app for all your shopping needs? Here’s how cashback offers and you can be the best of friends.

There has a lot of buzz around the Dosh app since it was officially launched in late 2017. Most Dosh app reviews online point out that it is the cash back app to beat within the next few years. Their competitors are Ebates and Swagbucks who have dominated the cash backspace. Dosh has appeared out of the blue to mark their territory with strength and excellence.

Dosh’s “set and forget” approach seems to be working for their impressive list of partners and merchants with generous referral bonuses being offered and everyone taking notice of this.

A lot of the general public do wonder if Dosh is a scam, however. While many scams in the business do spam the consumer to death, the question is a fair one.


What is the Dosh app?

In simplest terms, Dosh is a smartphone application giving you cash back each time you purchase using the app using your credit card. It stands out from the competition as it is the only cash back app which sends a small percentage of cash back minus all the usual hassles involved in e-transactions. Zero coupons, zero receipts, zero promo codes. Live life normally and get cash back.

Without having to jump through hoops towards earning cash back is the best perk of being a Dosh app user. Example – as a user you continue getting cash back from Exxon every time you fill up your gas tank without realizing it until now. The money gets automatically credited into your Dosh account.

Becoming a Dosh user is easy. Just download the app, link your credit card (safely and securely) and you can begin purchasing. You start shopping at participating merchants with your credit cards and points being added to your "Dosh Wallet" immediately. The minute your balance reaches a $25 minimum and cash out using PayPal and Direct Deposit.

The company is forming multiple lucrative and powerful partnerships with key merchants, brands, hotels, and companies in helping you get cash back for each purchase you make.

As the case with most cash back apps, you must spend money to make money. If you shop a lot and live in a location close to multiple participating stores, then having Dosh saves you a ton of money.

Dosh App

Is making money with Dosh easy?

There are multiple ways for users to get cash back"

Earn $5 through linking the credit card
Once you link your credit card using the Dosh app for the first time, they immediately add $5 to the Dosh wallet. There are zero unlockings for this bonus, it happens immediately upon linking your credit card. You can also link multiple cards for multiple $5 payments.

Online cash back
For frequent online shoppers, Dosh app works great. When making the purchase at online stores by a few of their participating outlets, the amounts go straight to the Dosh wallet.


In-store cash back
Purchased a new pair of Nikes? You get 4.5% cash back. Grabbed a bite at Jack in the Box? You get 7%. Zero coupons or receipts with no scanning involved. Just allow the money to collect in your Dosh Wallet.

Travel Cashback
Each time you book a hotel room using Dosh, you get guaranteed cash back each night you stay at the hotel. Wait there's more – you even receive $25 for your first hotel booking made via Dosh. That being said, you need to complete your stay before the money being credited to your wallet.

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Dosh App Reviews

Some of the app's users gave these Dosh App reviews (

- "I personally love this app. I just started it, but they give you $5 to link a card. You never have to scan a receipt and automatically get credit any time you use your linked card."

- "I was referred to the app by a reputable friend during the first referral bonus period back in December. I was skeptical too until he showed me how much he had gotten from referring people. I got in in the last 3 days of that and made $50. Unlike the other reviewer, I HAD NO PROBLEMS. When I cashed it out, I sent it to my PayPal account, and it was there within a couple of days. Subsequent to that, any cash-outs I have done have taken only around 24 hours or less. NOTE, I said "cash-outs;" plural.

In this second referral bonus period that started in January, I was convinced. And I have made a decent amount simply by referring people to the app. A number of my friends have inboxed me thanking me for referring them because they have made some good money via the referral program as well.

I also keep telling people that the reason you add your card is so you get the money back from the retailers that are partnered with the Dosh App. Surely retailers like Denny's, Sam's, and Hilton Hotels would not sign their name to something that is a scam or a fraud! One of my friends got 10% cashback from a meal he ate at Denny's because he used the card attached to his Dosh account. All I am saying is, I have seen it help a lot of people."

dosh app reviews
- "Sometimes it took longer than others to receive the payouts, but always before the deadline. Transfer to my PayPal was easy. Other people I referred have received their payouts on time also. The time frame varies as if they are manually completing these incentives, so be patient. Any business owner should understand startups and untimely uprisings. I joined Solavei a few years ago, which paid out incentives also. Same founder of Dosh. I gave five stars because it does what it says and there's nothing to lose, only gain. Thanks Dosh."

However, there were several Dosh reviews that were not quite so kind. It's true, Dosh app has several kinks to work out, but the bottom line is that it works for those who use it properly, and you can use it to earn yourself a little money.



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