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What Makes a DSLR Unique? Find Out!

by Toni S.

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What is a DSLR Camera and What Makes it Different from Other Cameras

Photography is to today what painting was to the period when the camera had not been invented. It is a way to document life and our contemporary time. It will stay on as a record for all that we’ve witnessed for our children and grandchildren to peruse through and learn about the past. Now, there are many different kinds of cameras in the market today.

Analog photography has fallen out of favor because of the added expense of buying film and for the overall convenience and ease of storage provided by digital cameras. Digital cameras can broadly be divided into two sub-categories – DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We'll be focusing mainly on the DSLR camera in this article.

What is a DSLR Camera?

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. Its mechanism of reflecting lens image to the viewfinder is very accurate thanks to its pentaprism and mirror. So, the image that you preview on the viewfinder of a DSLR is exactly the image that you get when you click it. An ordinary point-and-click camera usually has an LCD viewfinder, i.e., offset from the lens.

DSLR Camera
It fails to match the image on the viewfinder, giving you a slightly different framing than you'd intended. Now, while this isn't a problem for those who are content with casual photography – it does make all the difference for hobby photographers and photography enthusiasts/professionals. Framing is of utmost importance to a photograph, and it cannot be ignored unless all you’re clicking is a photo of your friends fooling around at a party.

A DSLR camera is infamously expensive, but it comes packed with features that make the price-tag seem just about okay. More and more, DSLRs are becoming affordable, and if you’re serious about photography, it’s time you make the switch from a digital point-and-shoot to a DSLR camera. Here are a few reasons to make our case –

How is a DSLR Camera Different from Other Cameras?

  • The image quality of an image clicked by a DSLR camera is loads better than the one you can obtain from any other camera. The photographic lens helps you adjust exposure for the image lens according to the light conditions. The image quality is much better, as a result, even in low-light conditions. There is minimal grain or noise.
  • It is convenient to take your DSLR camera on an action or sports photography outing as it takes lesser time to find its focus and can capture as many as ten frames per second. Any other camera will most likely fail to give the same results in that setting.
Best DSLR Camera
  • You can change the lenses on a DSLR camera. If you want to shoot landscapes, you can get a wide-angle lens. If you want to go birding, you can attach a zoom lens. The possibilities are endless with a DSLR camera. A regular point-and-shoot camera comes with a fixed lens. The only flexibility you get is in the form of a handful of shooting modes that manipulate shooting conditions according to pre-configured settings.
  • DSLR cameras give you better control over Depth of Field. You can isolate the background or bring every element into focus. You can soften focus to create bokeh. None of these facilities are provided to you in any other camera. You may be able to manipulate Depth of Field in the newer models of point-and-click cameras, but only so much.


Yes, a DSLR camera is pricier than your regular camera, but it is also sturdier and can withstand extreme weather conditions. On top of that, it takes better photos. So, which would you rather choose?


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