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Facebook Messenger: The Full Facebook Messenger Rundown

by Rick S.

Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger App

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service. It is owned by Facebook. It is different from other messenger services because it can do a lot more than many of them. You can send text, pictures, video, money and so on and even make voice and video calls.

How to Access Facebook Messenger
You can use Facebook Messenger with Facebook on your computer by pointing your browser to You can also use Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android by downloading and using the Messenger app. As you might expect, it also works on the Apple Watch.

What are Facebook Messenger Features
Facebook Messenger is jammed with features. It can be a little overwhelming at the beginning which is why this article exists. You can use Facebook Messenger without signing up for a Facebook account. You can even use it if you’ve closed your Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger

Send Text, Pictures, and Video
Messenger was built to be a texting app for one-on-one as well as group situations. Over time, Facebook has added features such as the ability to send text, pictures, and video. The app is also chock-full of free built-in emojis, stickers, and GIFs which can be searched so that you can always express how you feel regardless of the situation.

One of the most useful features in Messenger is the ability to see when a person is typing a message. In addition to this feature, you can also see when a message is delivered, read and also timestamp when the message was sent. You can read your messages on the app as well as on Facebook.

The app and website collect all of the images and videos you share on Messenger so that you can go through them easily.

Sending Money
Messenger also lets you send money to people using your debit card information. You can send money through the app and the website. If you’d like to send money from a computer, use the send money button on the website. If you’d like to send money from the app, use the payments button in the app. Both of these buttons let you send or request money. If you’re the type who would use the feature extensively, you can add a memo to each transaction so that you can remember what each transaction is for.

Facebook Messenger App

Making Voice Calls
Messenger has gone beyond an instant messenger service and now supports audio and video calls. You can make an audio or video call through the app, the desktop Messenger website, and Facebook. If you’d like to make audio calls, click on the phone icon. If you’d like to make video calls, click on the camera icon. Using Messenger’s call features over Wi-Fi lets you make free calls over the internet.

Share your location
If you’ve ever experienced the trouble of locating a friend in an unfamiliar place, you’ll appreciate the share your location feature on Messenger. It is only available on the mobile app. It lets you share your location over the internet for up to an hour. If you’re meeting up with family but aren’t sure when they will arrive, you can share your location, and it will keep updating your position for an hour. This means that if you move from street A to street B within an hour, your family will be able to find you.

There are plenty more nifty features in Messenger such as requesting an Uber, customizing a group name and so on. If you’ve been looking for an instant messaging service which has all the basics covered with plenty of extras, you can’t go wrong with Messenger. It’s been around for a long time now and has the support of the mighty Facebook organization behind it.

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