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What Is False Evidence Appearing Real?

by Anne S.

False Evidence Appearing Real, False Evidence

Find Out What Is False Evidence Appearing Real

 Fear is a survival mechanism to a threat. You feel fear when you are in immediate danger, and your fear tells you to go someplace safer or take a step that will help you overcome fear. Fear is an emotional response that everyone has. You do not feel fear for yourself alone; you feel year when you are about to lose someone you love and care for. But there is another fear that most of us don’t know or can’t differentiate with. F.E.A.R!

 What is F.E.A.R?

What is F.E.A.R to you? Is it an emotion, or a state of mind? F.E.A.R is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear stands for false evidence, meaning, it is the sensation you feel while taking action to achieve your dream. False Evidence Appearing Real is what you feel when there is no fear, or a threat of immediate danger, or of losing someone or something. F.E.A.R is in fact, an illusion that is fabricated in our minds. We pretend it is real though it is not, and we fail to fear False Evidence Appearing Real.

‘What is F.E.A.R?’ it is a question that we most often fail to answer ourselves. The most common label for F.E.A.R is anxiety. While fear is an emotion that rises out from external reality, fear stands for false evidence that rises out from our own thoughts. If you are still finding it difficult to understand what is F.E.A.R, then the following example might help.

False Evidence Appearing Real
Assume you are walking down the street and find your wife enjoying a cup of coffee with a stranger. You have never seen or met this guy. You immediately assume that your wife is having an affair. This emotional feel is ‘fear.’ In fact, the stranger is your wife’s cousin that you have never met. This cousin was just passing through town and asked to meet your wife. That’s ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ where your emotional fear stands for false evidence.

How to conquer F.E.A.R?

It is not just important to understand what is F.E.A.R, but also to conquer it! Under every circumstance, if you fear False Evidence Appearing Real, then you have the ability to conquer F.E.A.R. When False Evidence Appearing Real dominates you, it creates worry, nervous disorders, paranoia, and apprehension. It makes you cling on to what you ‘fear’ is true, where fear stands for false evidence. You fail to understand the difference between fear and F.E.A.R.

Your past failures can be a reason for False Evidence Appearing Real. But you can learn from the past not to repeat it. Remember that the odds are better now than in the past, for your past has taught you to overcome F.E.A.R. constructively.

There are three steps that will help you overcome F.E.A.R.

1. Notice your thoughts!
Often our thoughts wander and we feel afraid, uneasy, unsafe, overwhelmed. We welcome F.E.A.R with open arms. Instead of letting your thoughts wander, try to notice what you are thinking and how it makes you feel. Notice it instead of feeling it.
2. Take a deep breath, sense the present moment!
When you feel F.E.A.R taking over, tour thoughts will help you realize that it is not fear. Take a deep breath and sense the present moment you are in. Deep breaths help to regulate the nervous system and let you relax instead of letting anxiousness taking over. 
3. Be strong to let go of F.E.A.R!
By now you would have realized that you fear False Evidence Appearing Real. F.E.A.R is evoked by negative thoughts. Release these negative thoughts and with that, you will release F.E.A.R.
The best way to conquer F.E.A.R is to understand the past incident, rightfully interpret the current events, and understand the unpredictability of the future. When you fear False Evidence Appearing Real, you make yourself aware of its consequences. With this, you have conquered the most crucial part of conquering F.E.A.R. Do not let your fear to conquer False Evidence Appearing Real hold you back.


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