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What is General Practice Lawyer?

by Kourtney C.

What is General Practice Lawyer, General Practice Lawyer

What Does a General Practice Lawyer Do?

When an attorney encompasses a wide range of law practice areas or doesn’t limit his or her law practice within a specific area, he or she is called general practice lawyer. They practice law in different areas such as business law, criminal law, contract law, personal injury, and accident law, insurance law, family law, bankruptcy, estate planning law, real estate, and litigation.

Performance of a General Practice Lawyer

As a general practice lawyer works within a wide range of law practice areas, they are expert and knowledgeable to handle different types of legal matters. Usually, the cases which are commonly handled by the lawyers of general practice are:

  • Power of attorney
  • Traffic violations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Minor crimes
  • Divorce
  • Leases
  • Wills and trusts
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Estate planning
  • Personal injury
What is General Practice Lawyer

General practice lawyers are most frequently available in rural areas or small communities where you will get less number of options when you will have a need for legal support. Sometimes, a general practice lawyer needs to consult with other attorneys due to insufficient knowledge for a specific area of the law to understand adequate representation provided by the client.

When the younger law practitioners cannot make a decision for practicing within a specific area or wants to understand the different areas of the law, they like the general practice of the law. Usually, general practice lawyers make the paperwork and discuss with the clients to represent them within the court. They also collect evidence, witnesses, interviews, or offer intervention within a dispute to resolve it for the benefit of two or more clients.

Available Options for Working as a Lawyer of General Practice

You can get many options when you like to work as a lawyer of general practice. There are some general practice lawyers who like to practice law independently while others may like to work for law firms. Usually, when their target is to become a partner of the law firms, they work for a law firm. Sometimes, they also provide their services for legal-aid agencies or non-profitable agencies.

General Practice Lawyer
There are many reasons for which the law firms may prefer general practice layers than specialized lawyers. General practice lawyers have a wide range of knowledge to fulfill the different type of business needs, whereas specialized lawyers can offer their services for one or two specific areas of the laws. Sometimes, a group of general practice lawyers collectively provide their services and increase their firm ability to handle different types of legal issues.

As the general practice lawyers can provide their services in multiple areas of the law, they are very important for those businesses or people who require legal assistance with multiple legal issues regularly. It is also advantageous to build a long-term relationship between the clients and the general practice lawyers who can provide assistance for their different legal issues.

Benefits of Being a General Practice Lawyer

There are several benefits of being a general practice lawyer and some of these benefits are as follows.

  • They have knowledge for different types of law areas and they have the flexibility to control over their business decisions.
  • They can help a person who has a need to make a draft for preparing legal documents in some case such as selling of a house or for a violation of warranty claim.
  • When you will work as a general practice lawyer, you will have to handle different type of legal issues of different law areas. Each legal case is unique and you have to use your complete mental abilities, hypothesize and research to find out legal strategies to solve different legal issues effectively. It allows you to improve your mental and analytical skills to solve legal issues.


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