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Google Apps for Work: Learn All About It!

by Eddie V.

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What Is Google Apps for Work?

In case you are wondering what Google Apps for Work is all about, look no further. It is a service for business from Google which enables one to manage the services of Google on their own customized domain. The service is offered by Google for their paid subscribers. In fact, the company also provides the free version of this service for the educational institutions. While some of the company’s older users were offered limited and free versions of this service, Google has now put an end to its offering of free versions.

While registration of a domain is not included, one can use the Google Domains for setting up and registering their domains.

Google Apps for Work-What it offers

Google-hosted services are offered by Google Apps under a subscriber’s own domain. It signifies that small business owners, some organizations, families or educational institutions may not have adequate resources for setting up and maintaining their own servers, as well as, in-house hosting of these services. In such scenarios, one can take the help of Google to get these works done for them. These entities can also use customized forms of Google Drive and Google Hangouts so that collaboration can be seamlessly facilitated at their workplaces.

The beauty of such Google services is that they can be easily fused in an existing domain. They can even be branded with personalized company logos. The control panel can also be used for managing many domains with the same set of tools.

Google Apps
Key competitors

Like any other services, Google App also has its rivals on the market. It is in direct competition with Microsoft Office Live. In fact, both these services feature Web solutions and hosted email. At the same time, both the services are equipped with solutions at the entry levels.

While both the above-mentioned services are designed for a similar segment of audiences, it is up to you to make your final choice. Ideally, Google Apps for Work should be opted for when users are not working on the same operating system platform, may not use Microsoft Office, and have Internet access while Microsoft Office Live is apt when all the users are using the Windows Operating System and are using Microsoft Office.

Many companies may have a preference for Microsoft’s tools over Google. While both these services can be used in a big organization, many large organizations usually set up their own servers typically with the aid of Microsoft Exchange.

Google Apps for Work
Major services

  • Resource and conference room scheduling
  • A mammoth personal storage space, which is either 30 GB at present or can be even unlimited based on a pricing plan
  • Assurance of 99.9 percent of email uptime
  • Turning of AdSense advertisements in Gmail
  • 3rdparty services and applications
  • Mail recovery and management
  • Phone support
  • Application Programming Interfaces, which can be fused with an existing infrastructure
  • Google Hangouts can be used for business functionalities such as scheduling and video conferencing

Some improvement areas of Google Apps

  • While the flexibility of integrating certain services parts with Google Apps is welcome, life could have been simpler if domain registration was done by Google while hosting the services.
  • Integration with Blogger will be a welcoming enhancement. While users are allowed on Google Sites to make announcements, the company has given hints that very soon users can enjoy the Blogger integration feature.
  • Although Google Spreadsheets and Docs are good, there should be some key improvements in these services so that they can give a stiff competition to Microsoft Office. For instance, Spreadsheets can be inserted into documents. At the same time, Google Presentations are not as robust as Microsoft PowerPoint now.


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