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What is Google Cardboard: Everything You Need to Know about Google Cardboard!

by Andy N.

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What Is Google Cardboard? Everything about Google Cardboard

We, humans, are obsessed with technology, and why not? Technology has made our life so much easier and fun. Be it mobile phones, laptops, or any other gadget for that matter. And now the latest addition to the world of technology is VR Headsets; it allows the users to interact with stimulating environments and experience the first-person view.  These VR Headsets replace the user's natural environment with a virtual reality content like movie, game or any pre-recorded VR environment.

But just like any other latest gadget that hits the market, VR Headsets are way too expensive and are not affordable for a lot of people. Well, that’s where these Google Cardboards come into place, and you have to thank the Google Guys for coming up with this amazing idea.

Google’s main goal behind coming up with this cheap and easily accessible replacement for VR headsets is to make virtual reality accessible to the masses and just the classes.

What is a Google Cardboard?

Google has created a VR headset with something that’s easily available and affordable too, which is a cardboard.

This may sound quite unreal, but a simple cardboard cut-out can easily replace these super expensive VR Headsets and turn your phone into a neat Virtual Reality Headset.  Well, let us tell you this Google Cardboard was actually a part of a 20% project, and surprisingly it turned out to be a huge success. And such was its success that various companies are now copying the design and creating this super cheap and simple VR Headsets.

So, Google Cardboard uses a cardboard and a pair of 40mm focal distance lenses, magnets, Velcro, and a rubber band to keep everything in place, which turns your phone into a VR Headset.

How does it work?

Once all these materials are put together and Google Cardboard is created, one can set their phone into it and look through the lenses. By using compatible apps, the lenses create a 3D effect, you can even move your head around, and the images will respond accordingly. Giving an illusion of experiencing it first-hand. For example, you can watch movies, and find yourself transported to the world of your favorite movie.

These Google Cardboards come with an NFC chip, that will automatically launch the official cardboard app when you place your phone of the headset.

Now one more amazing fact about this Google Cardboard is this little magnet. Well, this magnet acts as a button, since while your phone is placed in the headset, touching your phone is out of the question. So, these magnets act as a button, and when they are moves, they act as if you are pressing your mobile screen.

Wondering, how does this magnet work on your phone? Well, it uses your phone’s magnetometer, which is usually used for compass functions. So, this magnet senses it and controls your phone, while it is in the cardboard.

Well, let us tell you that Google Cardboard won’t work with any app and give you a 3D experience. And that is because for the headset to work, it needs a split screen specially optimized by Google Cardboard, only then will it give a 3D effect.

But we don’t have to be disheartened yet since lots of developers are now creating apps, that will be compatible with Google Cardboard, so all’s not lost yet.

And just as technology is advancing with every passing day, more and more options are going to be available in the near future. Till then, let’s just enjoy all that, this amazing and affordable invention has to offer.


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