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Google Sheets: Learn About the Handy Online Tool!

by Eddie V.

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What are Google Sheets and How You can Use Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet app which allows you to create, update and share spreadsheets while online. Google spreadsheets is an Ajax-based program although it is compatible with Microsoft Excel and CSV. It’s a free web-based program, and along with Google Docs and Google Slides, it’s a part of Google Drive in the same way as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint are part of Microsoft Office. Google Sheets comes in handy especially in offices where multiple people collaborate and work together.

It’s a pleasure to work in Google Sheets as it is compatible with all kinds of desktops and laptops (Windows, Linux, Mac) and it is accessible through Chrome, Internet Explorer11, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. What’s even more interesting; a Google Sheets mobile app is also available which can be installed on Android and iOS.

How to use Google Sheets?

To use Google Sheets, first of all, you must log in with a Google account. Only then can you create, edit and share files because Google Sheets is available only through Google Drive. For accessing Google Sheets, Gmail is not required as any email address can be associated with a Google account.

Google Sheets
For creating a spreadsheet, you need to open the home screen and click New tab which will open your new sheet. If you want to edit data in a cell, simply click a cell that's empty or double-click on a typed cell. Formatting cells are also simple in Google Sheets. Click any cell and then drag your mouse near the cells you want to select, or hold Ctrl on Windows and click another cell. If you want to format text or numbers, you can use the option from the toolbar.

After creating and editing or formatting Google Sheets comes the task of sharing sheets. You can share files and folders with anyone on Google Drive while also controlling whether others can edit, comment or simply view. For sharing files, select the file you want to share and hit the Share tab. To share multiple files, hold shift and select two or more files and hit Share. It’s that simple.

There are a plethora of features in Google Sheets that you would want to work upon:

  • You can customize the spreadsheet
  • You can work with rows, columns, and cells and edit them
  • For complicated calculations, you can implement functions, scripts, and macros
  • You can add images, graphs or charts
Sheets Google Docs

Google Sheets has a lot of advantages

Using Google Sheets has a lot of advantages. Even from multiple devices and locations, you can access the same document since the data is stored in the cloud. You don’t need to save your work a million times while working because it does so automatically. Also, there is an option for offline editing. Google Sheets has an inbuilt history that can monitor all changes made in the sheet so that users have the option to save an earlier version of the file if they find the present file erroneous.  

You can make your Google Sheets peppy as you can include color charts and graphs! You can also allot different colors for different people working on a single sheet. In this way, the work looks more organized, and work is segregated according to the allotment. There are multiple templates to choose from, so you will not be bored while working! You can also convert Google Sheets to excel and vice versa according to your requirements. Also, it is free! Anyone can access Google Sheets!

With multiple exciting features and a user-friendly interface, it is great fun to work in Google Sheets.


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