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What is an Immigration Lawyer?

by Julian T.

What is an Immigration Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer

What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

The United States Immigration Laws are some of the most complicated laws when compared to a lot of other countries. In fact, the complexity of US immigration law is second only to the tax laws of the country. And therefore, even the minutest mistake in a visa application can result in prolonged delays or even outright rejection of the visa.

For purposes of easy processing of an immigration document, one should hire an Immigration Lawyer.

Immigration lawyers help you interpret the law regarding the problem you’re facing. A lawyer can also help analyses, strategies and guide you through the application process making it as stress-free as possible. They are solely responsible for preparing the paperwork necessary for the application and they also apprise you on the documents you need to arrange on your own. They are experts in preparing statements and testimonies. They also make sure that the various papers you fill in are clear, accurate, and consistent.

What is an Immigration Lawyer
An immigration lawyer plays a huge role in ensuring that the task you set out to do was successfully completed. Furthermore, an immigration lawyer knows how to go around seemingly obvious problems that might come in the way of a visa application. While facing serious problems like deportation, the immigration lawyer can offer alternate avenues of relief. His familiarity with the situation and expert knowledge of the law, can help you prepare well for the impending court appearance, write briefs, and argue the law on your behalf. The immigration lawyer is the best person to steer you in the proceedings of the court.

Situations Where Hiring a Lawyer is Essential:

  • Immigration application was previously denied: Only an immigration lawyer can point out reasons for your application being canceled on a previous attempt. With their knowledge of the law concerning rejections and denials, they would be in the best position to tell you if a re-application would be successful or not.
  • An applicant has been convicted of a crime: An applicant must reveal and declare before the court his criminal records if any, including dropped or expunged charges. An immigration lawyer is usually well versed in laws integrating crime and immigration and thus it is always advisable to consult one before applying.
  • If an applicant is medically unfit due to a medical condition: Although all medical conditions are not reasons for visa denial, some specific diseases can prevent a person from entering the United States. An immigration lawyer can advise you on information about communicable diseases.
Immigration Lawyer
  • The application taking an unreasonable long time: Immigration delays can be best explained by an immigration lawyer and he can help expedite and rush the process.
  • Seeking employment visa with no help from the employer: Employment visas can be ever so complicated and an immigration lawyer can help employers achieve their obligations towards prospective employees.
  • Permanent residency status for children under the age of 21: The process of application for children under 21 is different from other categories and a lawyer can best advise ways to apply without facing denial or rejection.
  • If the applicant is marrying a US citizen for the second time: Getting married to a US citizen on two different occasions may be interpreted by the authorities as a scam. An immigration lawyer can help prove that the first marriage was genuine and legitimate.

Matters and laws relating to immigration are difficult to understand. Applications can sometimes take months, if not years to come to a completion. An immigration lawyer is your best bet to get applications running at a faster pace. Working with a lawyer can help save a lot of time, avoid frustration, and stay abreast on the progress made on your application.


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