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MoneyGram: Learn About the Unique Payment Service!

by Garry S.

MoneyGram, What is MoneyGram

MoneyGram: What is Money Gram and How to Use it!

MoneyGram is a money transfer business working out of Dallas in Texas, the United States of America. The company's operations center is in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. It has some local and regional offices scattered all over the world. MoneyGram electronically transfers money from one particular account to another.

Using MoneyGram
MoneyGram provides multiple options when it comes to transferring money. The user can send money in person or online. It also transfers to the mobile wallet of your choice and inmate services.

MoneyGram offers eight valuable services

  • Send money online
  • Pay with cash
  • Send money to a bank account
  • Send money to an inmate
  • Send money in person
  • Send money with MoneyGram Sendbot
  • Send money to the mobile wallet
  • Send money at MoneyGram Kiosk

MoneyGram in person and online transfers

Sending money online involves selecting a person as a receiver of the money. You must inform MoneyGram that person's name, how that person prefers to receive money and the money amount. The company must verify who you are in the process. You can pay by using either your debit or credit card. You can also pay directly from the account. Do review the receiver's name and other particulars before you click the transfer button. You can also pay directly from the bank account.


Many people prefer to send money in person. To do this easily, find a MoneyGram office you are comfortable with. Most users prefer one nearest to their home. Bring all the information about the receiver and money you wish to send. Hand the money along with the fees to your agent. The money will be sent to the receiver.

You can directly send money to any bank account online all day and night. The process is easy, reliable, and fast. To do this, select Account Deposit option. Another method to directly transfer money to any bank account is to personally visit the centers. Whatever you do, it is a reliable process.

What is MoneyGram

MoneyGram Mobile wallet and correctional home

If you want to send to any mobile wallet, select the country where your receiver lives. Type in the mobile number of the receiver. Give cash to the agent in your location. You can also use a debit card or credit card online. MoneyGram supports proprietary accounts in a few countries all over the world. Funds get transferred within a few minutes.

If your loved one is in a correctional home, then you have to provide the name of the receiver and that person's correctional identification number. Utilize MoneyGram Pay Bills service to find out the MoneyGram receive code or facility name. Once you collate all this data, use cash from agent locations or make online payment by debit card or credit card. Funds could be sent to the inmate within hours.

When you use MoneyGram, you can be sure of receiving money. The company has more than 350,000 locations all over the world to make sure that you receive money the way you want it. Other than cash pick-ups, the company provides receive options for inmate commissary accounts, bank accounts, and mobile wallets.

When someone sends you money, it could be sent either to the bank account or your mobile wallet. As a receiver, you do not need to do any kind of activity. The sent money will automatically come to your account. You can also pick up the cash. This is possible from any MoneyGram location. To receive cash, find a location near your home or office. Bring personal identification documents and the reference number. The sender will send you the reference number. Fill the Receive Form and write the Reference Number. Handover the completed form and show your identification document. The money will be given to you.


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