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Get to Know Ok Google and How to Use It!

by Kelly B.

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Ok Google: What is Okay Google and How to Run it?

For all the techie dummies, like me, out there, “OK Google” is Google’s answer to Siri on the iPhone. It is the ‘open sesame’ that allows user access to Google Search from almost any Android phone. All you need is an Android device that runs Google’s software 4.3 or higher. The voice assistant responds to voice commands and queries, just like Siri. Only better. And yes, it can work from any screen, even the locked screen on most devices. It also works if the device is charging and even responds to “Hey, Google” on certain phones. Apple users fret not, the latest update of the Google Assistant app is available for iOs devices too.

How does Ok Google work?

It is not limited to just searches. It can perform actions as well. Just say “OK Google” followed by a question or a command. For example, “Set a reminder for Kiah’s birthday on the 26th of January” or “Call Dad” or “What is the weather forecast for this week?” And voila! Google Assistant will perform the command or give you the answer in a few seconds. It’s as simple as that. In this selfie crazy age, you guessed it; Google Assistant will take the perfect one.

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Even if you lose your phone, use Google Chrome to find and play a sound on your lost phone remotely. Need to bake a cake, no problem, it can handle the timer and alarm too. From Navigation, creating events and reminders, opening websites or apps to sending emails, OK Google can do almost anything, except bake that cake for you. You can enable it to work on Bluetooth as well. It’s pretty amazing!

How to Run Ok Google

Simple and easy to run, especially for unsavvy techies like me, just click on the Google Search app. For starters, make sure that OK Google is available on your device. Launch the Google app. From the home screen, in Menu, click on Settings, Voice and OK Google detection. You will get a message that says Voice search on any screen. Enabling the OK Google detection from any screen, allows you to speak to your assistant either when the screen is off or on.

The interactive fun with your phone commences with you training Google to recognize the sound of your voice. Select From any screen. Next click on Get Started and Select Voice Match. You have the option of selecting when you want your device to hear you say the words “OK Google.” Next, say “OK Google” thrice to train the Assistant to recognize the sound of your voice. With this done, you can start Google Search. Play around with Personal results too, because Google will record your browsing and search history.

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Google Assistant in the Future

At the Google I/O 2018 summit, we heard that Google Assistant will soon be available on more devices and will get smarter as well. Google has plans of making the Assistant more interactive and would you believe it more proactive. For example, the cutting edge Duplex feature can make a call to book a doctor’s appointment for you. Added to this is the feature that Google Assistant will be able to recognize two or more user voices.

Don’t want to use the voice aspect, no problem; you will also be able to type in a request. On some phones, it can even screen those terrible unwanted marketing and sales calls. And, it can also work with you on the information you see on your device, like makes notes on news it can read. Yes, that's right, it can read your news to you. Need a translator, Google Assistant to the rescue. Is there anything that it can't do, except baking a cake?


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