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What is a Port Out Scam and How to Can You Protect Yourself?

by Rachel M.

Port Out Scam, Phone Number Port Out Scam

Port Out Scam Explained

Thieves have gotten smarter with time, and they are nothing if not adaptable; every time a new security system is developed, scammers and thieves evolve along with technology and manage to get their hands on people's personal information and assets. These days, a phone number port out scam is the new kid on the block who is steering up trouble and causing people to get ripped off. To protect yourself from a port out scam, you should first find out what it is and how you can prevent yourself from becoming the next port out scam victim.

What is a Phone Number Port Out Scam?

A port out scam is a phone number hijacking scheme where a person carries your phone number from one provider to another. These days, phone numbers are not mere means of communication; your phone number is connected to your accounts, credit card information, and many more personal details that you certainly don't want to wrong hands on it.

To perform the SIM card or phone number hijacking, the scammer will contact your phone provider pretending to be you or pretending to be an authorized card number. Then, the scammer will request to have your phone number transferred to a new carrier or will request a new SIM card, canceling the old one, which is yours.

Port Out Scam
When they get their hands on your phone number, the port out scam artists will have access to your address, social media accounts, financial accounts, and additional data they can use as they please.

While some phone number port scammers use your information for themselves, others sell it on the dark web, making it more difficult to resolve the issue. If you want to pervert yourself from becoming a victim of a port out scam, here is what you should do.

How to Protect Yourself from a Port Out Scam

Like with other scams, the best way to not be a victim of a phone number port out scam is to prevent it from happening entirely. The following tips will help you protect yourself and your family from getting your personal and accounting information stolen by scammers:

  • Use two-step authentication – use a two-step authentication protection for your accounts; set a phone number and an email when accessing your accounts, which will make it more difficult to access your accounts in case someone ported out your phone number.
  • Use a PIN password – you can set a PIN with your phone number carrier and your accounts to protect yourself. Contact your phone company to set a special PIN and remember – use a unique set of numbers, and not birthdays, which a scammer can easily discover.
  • Do not provide your personal information – if someone calls you and asks you to provide your personal information, do not reply and hang up the phone, even if the caller claims to be from an official agency, such as the IRS. Different agencies do not contact people via phone calls or messages, but the post. If you think the call may be legitimate, perform a reverse phone number search or contact the agency that supposedly called you by yourself (you can find contact information on official sites, like the IRS website).
Phone Number Port Out Scam

What Happens if You are a Victim of a Phone Number Port Out Scam?

If you discover that someone has ported out your phone number, you must act as quickly as possible and take the following steps to make sure the scammer will have no time to your persona information:

1. Contact your phone company – contact your phone company as quickly as possible and notify them that you suspect someone has committed a port-out scam with your phone number.

2. File a police report – contact your local police and notify them of what happened.

3. Contact financial institutions – contact your bank, credit card company, and any other financial agencies that handle your funds. Notify them of the phone number port-out scam and request them to notify you of any activity on your accounts.

Having information stolen is nothing new, but scammers find new and "improved" ways to hack into people's personal information and account data. A port out scam is one of the latest forms of scam that not many people know about. It is vital for you to stay informed with what is going on in your account, protect your information with codes, and notify the proper authorities as soon as you detect suspicious activities in your accounts. It will save you money and more importantly – protect you from having to deal with a phone number port out scam and its outcomes.


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