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What Exactly Is a Reddit AMA? Find Out Here!

by Robert K.

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Reddit AMA: What You Need to Know About Reddit AMA

Reddit is a very popular American social news and discussion website wherein registered users can post content to the site in the form of links, images or posts which can be voted by the other members. Reddit was founded in 2005  by two roommates who used to study in the University of Virginia- Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian and now Reddit has become the third most visited website in the United States of America.  It’s an interesting world out there on Reddit and if you still have not got the chance of interacting with AMAs on Reddit, you are missing out a whole lot of fun.

What is AMA?

AMA is an acronym for ‘Ask Me Anything’ which is a trendy term to use on the internet for the entire process of Reddit hosting where one registered user hosts the program and all others ask questions. It’s a great platform for reaching out to thousands of people all across the globe. While hosting a Reddit AMA, people can ask you anything under the sun and you have to give them honest feedback. You can do the Reddit AMA hosting in /r/IAmA/ subreddit, which has over 18 million subscribers currently.


Tracking AMAs

Also, in these subreddits, you will come across AMA Requests from users. These questions are directed to people who have not as yet hosted an AMA. These requests are generally for garnering upvotes to see people they want to for hosting a Reddit AMA. Another very interesting thing about these are that you can track these Reddit AMA in the right sidebar where you can scroll downwards to view a whole list of upcoming scheduled AMAs right up to the next week which gives you the choice of deciding which AMA to attend.

Reddit AMA verification

Since it’s an open forum, fraudulent people can easily play about. Hence, there is a strict AMA verification procedure. Registered users who wish to post something need to provide identity proof which is directed to moderators who verify it. Failure to provide original identities lead to the removal of posts from Reddit.

Reddit AMA guidelines

Reddit has designed a whole PDF of guidelines for first-time AMA hosts. It walks the host through the do’s and don’ts of hosting a Reddit AMA. It’s a very good resource for beginners who are interested in hosting AMAs.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts you need to know before plunging into the world of Reddit AMAs.

  • Try to get acquainted with Reddit before starting to hosts AMAs. Spend some time on the site by sharing posts and replying to others. Nothing can get worse than posting answers to the incorrect questions. You have to be a seasoned Reddit user before you start hosting.
  • Don’t expect a very rosy picture in the Reddit world out there. If you are a sensitive personality, be ready to face the worst as people can ask you all kinds of questions, even from your personal life. So, a blast from the past can be misleading at times! So prepare in advance and be ready to face tough questions.
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  • Schedule your AMA weeks or months in advance. Since Reddit users from around the globe will be available online according to their time zones, it is always advisable to publicize your AMA and make it an all-day event. You also have to draft the title and description to be posted on AMA which typically follows this formula- "I am XY, AMA."

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Tony Bennett and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Erstwhile American President Barack Obama have hosted Reddit AMAs and have received tremendous success. It’s time for you to follow their footsteps and host a Reddit AMA. All the best!


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