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Samsung Smart Switch: What it is and How to Use it!

by Rachel M.

Samsung Smart Switch, What is Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch: what it is and How to Use it!

The new Samsung Smart Switch makes the process of backing up data an easy task. You can back up the data to the computer, and then restore the backed-up data to any Samsung phablet, smartphone, or tablet. It is to be noted that this feature can be enjoyed only if your Samsung product is manufactured post-2016. The device must also run at least Marshmallow or Android 6.0. The list of compatible OS includes Android 7.0 (Nougat) or the latest Android 8.0 (Oreo). To use this feature, you must download a few elements and install them.

The mobile application of Smart Switch comes already installed on the later edition of Samsung phablets and Galaxy range of smartphones. You must, however, install this app on the Galaxy Tab tablet. This can be done via the Galaxy Apps store. As a consumer, it is important that you first download and then install Smart Switch. This can be downloaded into the Mac or Windows PC. The source is the Samsung website.

After you install Smart Switch on to your computer, it is time to match media files between the computer and the smartphone. To do this, connect the tablet or the smartphone to the USB port on any Mac or PC. Launch the Samsung Smart Switch on the computer. Disconnect the smartphone if the Smart Switch cannot find the tablet or smartphone right away. Connect the tablet or smartphone into the USB port.

Samsung Smart Switch

In case you notice a pop-up studio which states that the function of device reset is not supported, it means that it will not be possible for you to reset the tablet or smartphone from the Smart Switch. Close window permanently by clicking the checkbox "Do Not Show Again." Click "Confirm" button. There is no need to worry. You can continue to use Smart Switch for back up purposes. You can upload the data present in Samsung device to the computer or restore from it.

A message may come up, warning that it is not permitted to transfer USB files. This is not a big problem. All you simply have to do is to enable file transfer via the USB cable. You simply have to tap the "Allow" pop up. This will allow the transfer. The name of the device (Samsung) appears on the center of the screen.

Backing up data

Open the program and click Backup. In Allow Access window, tap "Allow" on tablet or smartphone. Post completion of the backup process, you can view the summary of data which was backed up. After this is done, click OK.

Restore backed up data

You can restore the backed up data to the tablet or smartphone when it gets connected to the computer. Restore the latest backup by clicking the “Restore Now” icon. Click the “Select Your Backup Data” icon. Select the time and the date of backed-up data in Select a Backup to Restore screen. Tap “Allow” in Allow Access window. Click OK.

Samsung Smart Switch

Synchronize Outlook contacts

You can synchronize your old Outlook contacts, to-do lists, and calendar when the smartphone is linked to the computer. To do this, click "Outlook Sync" and then "Sync Preferences for Outlook." This is as you have not yet specified the outlook data you want to synchronize. Click "Contacts," the "To/Do" checkboxes and Calendar. You select by default all calendars, to-do items or contacts. Select one or multiple folders to sync through clicking the required "Selected" button. Click "Select." This will open the appropriate window and then you can select the folder. Click "OK." It will start to sync when you click "Sync Now." Click "Confirm."

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