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SEO Marketing: Discover the Definition of SEO in Marketing!

by Keren P.

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What is SEO? Here is What you Should Know about SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website appear among the top search results of a search engine. As the results which come on top of the search page are more likely to get traffic, it’s important that websites work on using the right keywords on their pages.  Search engines use spider software to scan the website content, the keywords, and phrases used on the pages. This data is used by the search engines to check the relevance of the website content to the search phrase. The goal here is to get organic or natural traffic to the website by using good SEO techniques.

Keywords for SEO

Websites need to consider the search phrases users might use and use those keywords in their content to ensure that their pages are found among the top search results. For instance, a gym offering fitness training needs to use keywords, such as, “weight loss," "bodybuilding”, “personal training” and so on. And when internet users go to the search engine to look for a suitable place, the business's page can show up as the right keywords were used on their web pages.

Marketers can identify the relevant keywords by using tools like Google AdWords. This tool can help in identifying the keywords and these can be incorporated into the content and the metadata of the webpage.


Page Rank and Does it Mean? 

Page ranking of a webpage can be improved using inbound and outbound links. Linking the webpage to a website that has a good page rank will improve the webpage’s ranking. Inbound links can be achieved in two ways. One way is by using link building strategies like sharing press releases, documents, social media marketing, etc.  The other is by offering quality content on the webpage that makes the users share the content. Links should contain reference and a hyperlink. Internal links should also be used to make the spiders spend more time crawling your page. Based on the keywords of the article a user reads, the links to related internal pages can be displayed on the webpage.

Keeping Updating Content!

Updating the webpage content periodically is a good strategy as it makes the spiders crawl the website frequently. It’s good practice to maintain a schedule for changing the copy, pictures, blogs, and pages of the website.  This will ensure that the site features among the top search results.

Off-page SEO

Search engines also use off-page SEO factors to assess how the website is perceived by its worldwide users and how resourceful it is to the users. Off-page SEO involves factors that are outside of the website, such as, social media, link building, etc. These help the website to get more links, greater visibility, more mentions on other web pages and social media. While many marketers might resort to stuffing their website content with keywords, hidden links, spam blogging; this can lead to the website getting de-indexed from the search engine. Off-page SEO is about creating great content with relevant links, which prompts the users to share the web pages. A few ways to achieve this is by using backlinks to authoritative websites, frequently updating content, linking social media pages and mentioning other websites.

What is SEO

Search engines also look at trust aspect of the website to rank the website. Search engines identify and omit spam sites based on how legit a website is. Normally, big brands are trusted by search engines as they are well established and reputed businesses.

A marketer needs to give importance to all these factors to improve the website’s search engine ranking. This can drive more traffic to the website and generate leads for the business and thereby boost the sales.

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