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What is Shutterstock Image and Video Services?

by Abby B.

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What is Shutterstock? Overview of Shutterstock Images


For the uninitiated, Shutterstock is one of the major worldwide providers of superior quality music, images, and video. The provider helps in motivating professionals from various fields like web developers, filmmakers, video editors, creative directors, graphic designers, and many other creative professionals. It offers diverse and rich content to media organizations, marketing agencies, and businesses from all over the planet. Content writers and creators can contribute their work to the site. In fact, it a 2-sided marketplace empowering the storytellers from around the globe.  

Shutterstock is an immensely popular and widely used stock photo source in the market. It has been in the business for more than a decade and is considered by many as one of the leading pioneers in the field of stock photo subscription, as well as, the owners of one of the largest online sites of royalty free image collection. The site has more than two hundred and twenty million media and other files, and the counting is still on. In fact, variety is never an issue in Shutterstock.

what is shutterstock

Another added perk is that the agency is extremely affordable. They offer image packs consisting of superior quality stock pictures at affordable prices. In case you are looking for economical prices, a large variety, reliability, and quality, the site is really worth exploring.

When you are searching for any kind of stock images online through a search engine, it is impossible not to come across this website, particularly when you are looking for cheap stock images. This renowned stock photo agency excels in the model of microstock and offers royalty free pictures.

As is obvious from the above discussion, the popularity of Shutterstock is due to factors like its huge library, variety in content, excellent quality, and attractive pricing plans.

Check out some quick facts about Shutterstock

To cut a long story cut, the following are some of the facts associated with Shutterstock:

·       A pioneer agency, Shutterstock is the creator of subscription of stock photos.

·       It was Jon Oringer, a photographer and programmer in New York City, who founded the company.

·       Shutterstock has a huge library of more than ninety-five million pages.

·       The company offers alluring subscription plans, which make pictures cost even less than one USD each.

·       Shutterstock sells extremely flexible and royalty-free licenses.

·       The site boasts excellent technology tools, as well as, is a user-friendly website.

·       The site has diversified to now include audio and music, editorial content, and stock footage.

Background of Shutterstock

As mentioned earlier, it was Jon Oringer, a photographer and a programmer, who launched Shutterstock in 2003 as a stock photography entrepreneurship for offering royalty free pictures at attractive and affordable prices with a requirement for minimum payment, which is referred to as “microstock.” To start with, the company offered 100,000 images of Oringer. However, soon they allowed contributors to add their images to the site.

While iStock was another company that was already established at that time and was exploring the same model, Shutterstock was one of the major pioneers to innovate in the selling technique of stock photo subscription. The company allowed a specified number of pictures to download every day in lieu of a fixed monthly charge. The technique was a runaway success as many other similar agencies like iStock adopted it too.

Looking at the expertise and origins of its founder, the core of the company has always aimed at offering a rich variety in its content, as well as, the latest technology functionality. The company gives priority to encourage the adoption of continuous tech development, and the initiative has resulted in making it extremely user-friendly. A few recent additions have been their mobile apps and platform, an advanced reverse search for images, content suggestion tool and many more.

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