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Sling TV Explained: Learn Everything about the Trendy Cable Alternative

by Roni G.

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Cable Alternatives: What is Sling TV?

You would have often wondered whether there is any better alternative to your cable TV or not. After all, you would not like to miss out on your most favorite TV shows, as well as, want an economical entertainment source. So, you will be glad to know that a streaming service can be a great alternative to enjoy more quality content while spending only half the money as compared to other services like cable TV and satellite TV.

Watching TV shows without satellite or cable television

To do so, you will require speedy and stable Internet connectivity. It is also suggested to purchase a new antenna so that you can watch the local broadcast channels with most of the popular news shows, entertainment shows, and sports contents.

There is a high likelihood of you having a device already for streaming these shows such as a tablet or a mobile phone. However, it is recommended to go for a dedicated streaming device which can be directly connected to your television set.

Sling TV

It is imperative to realize that each service meant to be a replacement of the cable TV has both pros and cons. A subscriber will like to pick up a service based on what they wish to watch, the kind of programs they like to record and the kind of money they want to shell out. The article will help you to know ways of making the best choice.

The best news is when you already have a set top box, a smartphone, or a computer; it is likely that you have a device, which can be compatible with Sling TV. It is even possible to watch the shows on your TV screens from your tablet or mobile device. You can also watch Sling TV on a compatible smart TV.


Sling TV not only offers an excellent alternative to satellite and cable TV services, but also has many direct rivals, which stream live TV including YouTube TV, Vue from PlayStation, and DirecTV Now. While streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix services provide on-demand streaming of TV shows, they do not offer live TV streams the way Sling TV do.

Sling TV Packages

Signing up for Sling TV

It is very simple to sign up for Sling TV and also comes with an attractive free trial even when you opt for several ala carte choices. However, you need to give details of your valid credit card.

Steps to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Locate a button with the caption sign up. Alternatively, you can click on watch now to start the signup process.
  3. Key in your email ID, select a password and then click on register.
  4. Select the plan for Sling TV you wish to subscribe for
  5. Choose any other extras you wish to opt for like extra channel packages and DVR.
  6. Choose premium channels according to your preferences
  7. Click on continue
  8. Key in your credit card details and name
  9. Finally, click on Finish & Submit

Sling TV began the trend for replacement of Cable TV and is still regarded as one of the latter’s finest alternatives on the market. It is also affordable and so will not create a dent in your pocket. We recommend you to select the add-ons though as bigger add-ons may make the service pricey. The best part is Sling TV offers a host of TV programs and caters to a variety of audiences. It showcases programming for kids to comedy shows and popular foreign language channels. In other words, it offers something for everyone. The DVR features of this service are quite good too.

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