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Substance Abuse Explained: What is Substance Abuse?

by Toni S.

Substance Abuse, What is Substance Abuse

What is Substance Abuse and how to get help for Substance Abuse

Certain symptoms and signs in people will show that they are caught in the web of substance abuse. Experts point out that these symptoms will be predominant in every aspect of the lives of these people. Of course, these symptoms vary from one person to another. But there are certain common signs that will explicitly show that these people have a drug addiction. Let us look at some of these common symptoms.

  1. These people will prefer to remain alone, but many of them may try to avoid such withdrawal symptoms for which they may be using drugs.
  2. After some time, their body may need more drugs for getting the effects they want. So, they will go for more drugs.
  3. Those who have drug addiction will start neglecting their obligations towards their families. They may ignore their financial obligations as well, and this may lead to other types of issues for them.
  4. They may stop taking care of their physical appearance. Similarly, they may neglect their health also.
  5. Even those who have been pursuing hobbies will lose interest in those activities also.
  6. There will be the rapid shifting of moods in them.
  7. Their sleep schedules will be odd.
  8. Similarly, there will be changes in their eating habits. Some of them may eat like a glutton, and a few others may eat much less than normal.
Substance Abuse

Can drug addiction or substance abuse be cured?

Most of the people who have been affected by drug addiction continue to pursue this addiction despite the fact that they know that it is harmful to their life and their health, and can cause troubles for their loved ones. Even a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse concludes that drug addiction can be a serious issue and this relapsing disease of the brain is characterized compulsively by seeking of drugs and use of them by the affected people. This means this addiction has no simple cure. But the fact is that it can be cured effectively so the patients can become sober and normal.


But the cure does not stop with the treatment. These people should manage their addiction all through their lives. The fact is that treatment provides these people with the right tools for managing their addiction. Precisely put, their life is like that of those who have been afflicted by diabetes or similar health issues which should also manage their health conditions by eating appropriate diets and doing regular exercises.

What is Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment

Experts advise that those people who have been affected by substance abuse or drug addiction should go for appropriate treatments. They have to lead their lives as "day-tight compartments." This means that they must take each day separately and ensure that they avoid substance abuse every day.  

There are both in-patient and out-patient treatments available for substance abuse. Affected people can choose the program that suits them. But they should not commit the mistake of trying to handle their problem on their own because it can be very difficult and overwhelming. By deciding to get the right treatment, they can save themselves, their lives, and help their family members also.

Treatment for substance abuse may consist of group therapy, individual therapy, educational lectures, skills training, etc.  

What should parents or family members of affected people do?

Parents or family members of the affected people should not confront them in such ways that may lead to arguments. They should not forget the fact that these people can easily become angry. Though it is true that parents or family members cannot be certain of the reaction of the affected people, they should not shirk their responsibilities. They should have suitable conversations with them, and at the same time, there should be empathy and compassion in their approach to help them. In short, if parents or loved ones of the affected people render their help, these patients can slowly get rid of their issue and lead a normal life.



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