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Tumblr Explained: Enter the Tumblr World and Learn How What it Offers!

by Garry S.

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What is Tumblr?

A powerful social media and blogging tool, Tumblr enables its users to put short blogs of “tumblelogs”. It is different from many other tools as users are able to customize their pages to a great extent. So, Tumblr is distinct as almost a majority of social networking sites have restricted flexibility in designing and standard profile pages.

In other words, there are almost no restrictions on the content types and forms, which are created, making it extremely simple to use.

It was in February 2007 when Tumblr was first launched partially as a tool for microblogging and partly for blogging and social community. Another great beauty of Tumblr is its compatibility with all mobile operating systems. Its growing popularity can be understood from the fact that there were billions of blogs and about three hundred and forty million Tumblr blogs in early last year (2017). 

The tool enables its users to have their own distinct Tumblelog, a place where they can post their audio, chats, video, links, images, and, last but not the least, text. It is also possible to reblog your Tumblr post, which was earlier, posted on the Tumblelog of another user very easily. The process to do so is as easy as retweeting a content to publish on Tweeter.

Plus, you can also like the content of other people on Tumblr instead of publishing comments that one typically does on any usual blog post. 

In 2013, Tumblr was acquired by Tumblr. Before that, there were no advertisements that would distract people from blogs. Yahoo! Has now started to monetize this website to generate more revenue.

Tumblr users

As Tumblr is a free to use website, anyone from the field of entrepreneurship or show business, teenagers, and even politicians can use it. Today, even businesses are using the site to ensure greater online brand visibility, increased sales growth, and reach a wider audience.

Tumblr is powerful because of its active user communities, ease of use, and online communication and sharing features.

Tumblr Quotes
Features of Tumblr

Check out some of the other major features of Tumblr:

  1. It has a dashboard, which offers live feeds from all such blogs, which the users have been following. All these posts are highly interactive in nature and pop up automatically. The dashboard offers a single space for all kinds of activities make it easy and hassle-free to manage.
  2. The website allows its users to create their static pages like Question pages where the people can immediately channelize to if they have any queries.
  3. In a few seconds, it is possible for Tumblr users to post texts, chat conversations, links, audio clips, images, video clips, and much more from their blogs. Other users can view these posts on their own dashboards in case they have been following the blog of that user.
  4. When users to track their statistics, code for analytics tracking can be added to their Tumblelogs.
  5. Users can ensure that their Tumblelog is private on Tumblr. Alternatively, they can also make only selective posts private when required. They can also do scheduling of their posts so that they can be published later. Tumblr also allows users to send invitations to other people to act as contributors to their Tumblelogs.

Tumblr is ideal for all those users who do not have any requirement for publishing lengthy posts or full blogs. The website is also apt for people who want to share multimedia posts fast, especially from their mobile phones.

It is also an excellent option for all such online users who are interested to become a part of a bigger community. Tumblr can be good for you when you find Twitter is very small or the blog is excessively lengthy for you.


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