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What is Type A Personality and What are Type A Traits?

by George M.

What is Type A Personality, Type A Personality, Type A Person

What is Type A personality? Pointers about Type A Personality

People who have type A personalities are found to be driven, workaholics. The idea of a type A personality is having a strong-achievement orientation. People with Type A personality find it difficult to ignore urgency and the sense of time. Type A personalities deal with a lot of stressors during the day, with a competitive work environment and work that is time-sensitive.

Here are the characteristics of someone with Type A personality.

- They have an intense sense of time urgency.

- A lot of ambition

- Intense competitiveness

- Always running a busy and tight schedule

- Cannot relax fully.

- They get stressed very easily

- A desire to achieve many different goals

- Multi-tasking and having a lot of activities every day.

-Work for long periods of time.

- They feel guilty when they're not doing something or the other.

- They have a very strong self-discipline.

- Sensitive

- Not patient, constantly ticking.

Along with these personality traits, people with Type A tend to struggle with a superiority complex and struggle to find relationships that meet their standards.

The tendency to be type A

In relation to personalities, Beliefs are what affect them rather than genetics. From the way that people deal with frustrations and suffer from their insecurities can differentiate their personalities. Type A personalities tend to deal with their problems head-on. They find ways to overcome a difficult situation and deal with it. They are constantly approaching any issue with ten different solutions and that seeps into their work life and other aspects of their lives, which keeps them busy every day.

Health effects.

People with Type A are known to have health problems with the hectic lives that they lead. They often suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and more. The constant stress and Hypertension is not conducive in keeping the heart healthy. They have an increased risk of coronary heart diseases and plaque build-up in their artery walls, which is also called the Metabolic syndrome. It is known to cause diabetes as well.

Type A personalities and their habits.

1. No procrastination

They hate the idea of wasting time and start doing things as soon as they have an idea or a goal.

2. Task lists

They have a never-ending task list that they meticulously follow to the T. After they complete the task, they make new ones.

3. They deal with a superiority complex

They do not understand other people's perspectives. They're too focused on themselves and have a very low tolerance for incompetence. They don't believe that they're geniuses though.

4. Laziness is a choice

Type A personalities believe that laziness is a choice and not something that people struggle with.

5. Passionate

With the amount of dedication and time they put into everything, they are bound to be very passionate. Their beliefs are meaningful.

6. Very sensitive and emotional

They are realists who seem to understand the real world better and tend to get influenced by it as well.

7. Ignoring the need to relax

Type A personalities are aware of the fact that they need to have ample amount of rest, they don't leave enough room for it in their schedules. Slowing down and taking a day off does not make them feel comfortable.

8. Insomnia

A lot of Type a personalities suffer from sleep trouble because they cannot stop their mind from racing. They find it difficult to sleep when thoughts are constantly running through their heads.

9. Perfectionists.

People with Type A personality are often striving to perfect what they do. Any sort of mistake or inconsistencies frustrate them and leave them appalled. They believe in efficiency and doing things effectively.

10. Love attention.

Most Type A personalities love the attention they receive. They enjoy the spotlight.


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