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W9 Form: What You Need to Know for This Tax Season

by Toni S.

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What is a W9 and Where Can I Download a W9?

The W-9, or Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. It gives a business essential individual data around a self-employed entity (IC) or specialist for assessment purposes in the United States. The form needs the IC's name, address; the government managed savings number (SSN). Organizations utilize IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, to get data from sellers they procure as self-employed entities.

The W-9 is an authoritative means for businesses to accumulate data about contractual workers and their earnings. Checking the data about the form acts as a guarantee for the information that you gather on each. The W-9 form needs to be updated and refreshed if needed on an annual basis. In case, a contractual worker furnishes you with a refreshed location or a name change; those progressions might be recorded for future use. The data accumulated through W-9 should be maintained by the business for a period that might exceed the contractual duration. It ought not to be sent into the Internal Revenue Service. Keep in mind that it is an apparatus to accumulate clear data that a business needs to finish 1099 if the contractual worker receives a specific sum in excess for the assessment year.

What is the purpose of the W-9 form?

When a business pays a temporary worker $600 or additionally amid an expense year, it needs to report these installments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), utilizing a data return called Form 1099-MISC. Organizations utilize the name, address and Social Security number or duty distinguishing proof number temporary workers give on Form W-9 to finish that data return. Neither the sender nor the beneficiary ought to send a duplicate to the IRS.

What do you need to fill the W-9 form?

It requires the self-employed entity's name, business name, business element (sole proprietorship, association, partnership, enterprise, trust/domain, limited risk organization or "other") and the business' duty recognizable proof number (or Social Security number, for sole proprietors who don't utilize a different assessment ID number).

W-9 likewise asks the individual filling it to disclose all relevant information to the best of their ability for a correct assessment. The organization procuring the self-employed entity should retain salary charge from that temporary worker's compensation at a level rate of 24% (for assessment years 2018-25) and send it to the IRS. As Form W-9 requires a Social Security number, both the individual filling it out and the organization accepting the finished form must protect against identity theft or misplacement of information during the process of acquiring and storing the data.

What is a W9
Where to find the W-9 form and what to fill?

You can download the form or fill it online by visiting the IRS website: You must ensure that you correctly fill out all the required information. If any field is not relevant to you, then you can leave it blank. This generally applies to individuals who do not have any business names given to their company or service.

Who should avoid the W-9 form?

If you have been given the status of an employee by your employer, then there is no question of filling the W-9 form. Please clarify any doubt that you may have regarding your status of contractor or employee with the organization you are attached to. An employee and contractor have massive differences in the status they might have in a company.

Also, make sure you find out who is requesting the information and for what reason. If the reason appears genuine, then do not hesitate to fill up the form. It is relevant that you proactively find out if your service or business might get an exemption.


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