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What is the Zedge App: Overview of Zedge App

by Ciara C.

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What is the Zedge App?

Zedge is an extremely popular app that provides a variety of wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones and games for free. It is said to be one of the largest mobile-centric social networking communities. Users can download content from the Zedge app to customize their mobile phones. The app is free to use and available for Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms.

Here are some of the features of the Zedge app

1. Zedge Inc. developed an app that users needed. The Zedge app offers around 22 options for wallpapers, 26 options for ringtones and notification tones.

2. The wallpapers and ringtones can be rates with a thumbs up or thumbs down option. It increases the confidence in a product.

3. By creating a profile on the Zedge App, you can access Zedge on any other mobile device or multiple devices.

4. The Feature or discover pop up enables you to browse through a variety of colours and songs. It also displays the trending or featured products.

5. The 'recent' and 'popular' tabs allow its users to check out what's popular at the moment.

what is Zedge app

How to use the Zedge App.

  • Zedge Wallpapers

The Zedge app provides wallpapers and live wallpapers. After you install the app, you can open it to see the homepage. There will be a menu on the top left corner, where you can select an option. Here we have a step by step process to download a wallpaper.

1. Firstly click on Wallpaper on the menu and two tabs will appear. The tabs are labelled 'Featured' and 'Discover'. Click on either one and select an image.

2. To set it as a wallpaper, click the white circle with the download icon on the bottom of the screen. An option will appear to either Adjust or Set Wallpaper. Make your adjustments and then click on 'Set wallpaper'. Zedge will automatically download the image and set it as your background wallpaper.

3. It has an option to mark images as favourites and retain the information for later.

  • Zedge Ringtones.

Similar steps are followed to download a sound clip or a song.

1. Click on Ringtones from the menu list and choose from the Discover or Featured tabs.

2. Click on a genre of music and select a song.

3. Select the Play icon, which is the triangle in the circle. Zedge will play the song for a preview. The heart icon can be clicked to save it as a favourite, to browse further.

4. Click the white circle with the download icon to download immediately. Options such as 'Set as Alarm'. 'Set notification', 'Set contact Ringtone', 'Set ringtone' will appear. Select the option desired and Zedge will download and set it to the required setting.

zedge app

Zedge 4.0

Zedge developers have released an updated version of Zedge to Zedge 4.0 that has upgraded the design and added a couple of new highlights. The new Zedge is extraordinary. It can spread out its content and made it easier to search and sort. The fly-out menu on the left allows you to change the content with ease. It has enabled the user to swipe between options which makes the search more effortless.

It has 35 million active users. Professional artists, photographers, illustrators, musicians and audio engineers can showcase their work to the Zedge users. This content opportunity provides full ownership of their creation. Zedge creates a friendly user interface to make the best out of each product's performance and sales. It generates income for budding professionals through its app users. This kind of development proves that Zedge is a modern app.

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