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What Is a Zip File And How To Open It

by Garry S.

Zip, What Is a Zip File And How To Open It

What Is A Zip File And How To Open It

A Zip file is one of the most popular formats used by computers. People run into zip files on an everyday basis and this format is incredibly useful. Any file that contains a .zip extension is a zip file. A zip file is nothing but a compressed format that is used to pack one or more files together and compress them into a smaller size.

Many files when compressed into a single format result in a lower file size which can often be transmitted online via email or other services. Zip files are the most common formats that used extensively in providing download options to various users. Most users when downloading software of their choice from the internet usually download it in the form of a zip file. Most servers store all of their downloadable content in the zip format as it saves space and makes it easy for them to categorize the various files. A one zip file can potentially store thousands of files, compressing them into a single format with a reduced size.

Another popular use of zip file is seen while sharing photos. High definition image files can consume a lot of space. When sending numerous image files at one go, it is a very common practice to bind all the images into a single zip file whose reduced size can be easily sent via email.


Opening a ZIP file

Opening a ZIP file follows the same method as most files on the computer. You simply double click on the file and the ZIP file will open up a window showing all the files that have been compressed. One can directly access the files compressed in the ZIP file or choose to access them after extracting them from their ZIP format. ZIP files today are handled internally by most operating systems and no external software is required for handling them. There are zip and unzip tools available in Windows and MacOS that allows users to easily unzip files or create their own zip files.

Extracting zip files is an extremely simple process. The user simply needs to select the extract option and enter the suitable destination of the extracted files. Once entered, the files will be extracted into the location given by the user. For those manipulating large zip files or multiple zip files together, online zip file managers are often recommended to enhance the speed and efficiency of communication and file handling. ZIP tools such as 7Zip for windows and iZip for iOS users, are tools which possess such online zip file handling capabilities. There is another special kind of ZIP format known as ZIPX. This format is newly introduced by the latest versions of the software Winzip, which is the default windows zip and unzip platform.

Zip File Extractor for Android

Converting files into a ZIP file

Today the user interface has been simplified to such an extent that creating a zip file is as simple as selecting the files, right-clicking and selecting the zipping option. Earlier when separate tools were used, ZIP files had to be created separately. One needed to open the ZIP platform and individually drop the files that are to be zipped. Any format can be converted into ZIP files and files of multiple formats can be bundled into a ZIP file. ZIP file is nothing more than a container that holds any file that the user chooses to compress and store.

Today, most Zip and unzip tools are free of cost and can be seamlessly integrated with any operating system. Zip files are a vital part of our online communication and it is important to learn all the features this platform or format provides.



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