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What Shows Up on a Background Check? Here is What Shows up on Background Checks!

by Boris L.

What Shows up on a Background Check

What Shows Up on Background Check

There are a few different types of background checks. There are employment background checks, apartment screening background check, criminal background check and public background checks. Each background check is different, however, these reports may and can overlap since they relay on much of the same data and information.

A new employer would want to search and investigate a new candidate background check to make sure the information they put on their application is accurate. They might also want to make sure and check for any criminal records such as felonies and arrest records which the potential candidate may have been involved in.

Every background check differs and every background check search could yield different results, depending on the your source. What people search for can be different depending on what they want to achieve.

If you are wondering what a background check about yourself would reveal. You can run a background check on yourself and find out the results in just a few minutes.

Though results vary from source to source, this is the information that may show up on a background check report:

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Here is everything that shows up on a background check:

Past employment information.
Criminal history

Phone numbers
Address information: Previous and current addresses Arrest records
Traffic violations
Marriage and divorce records
Vital records
Court records
Death records
Sex Offenses
Incarceration information and records Driving records
Volunteer information
Social information
Character references
Job description
Drug test records

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