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What to Watch on Netflix? Get to Know the Best Content on Netflix!

by David H.

What to Watch on Netflix, What to Watch on Netflix Now

What's Good to Watch on Netflix

The world of cinema is taking a drastic turn, while in the mid 20th century, the only way to watch a movie was to go to the theater, the invention of the videocassette player allowed people to watch movies from the comfort of their own home, things slowly go easier with DVD players and we have now reached the age of streaming.

More and more people are opting to stay home and watch a movie on a streaming site than to go out to watch a movie. With such demand, streaming companies such as Netflix and Hulu are not only buying the right to play large quantities of movies and television shows, but they are also producing their own content. In fact, Netflix released 371 original series and movies in 2019 that are exclusive to their site. That is more than the entire movie industry produced in 2005. 

What to Watch on Netflix

With this immense amount of content available on Netflix, it can be difficult to decide what to watch, so we put together a list of the best movies and shows to watch on Netflix. 

Love is Blind

Branded as a social experiment, this show attempts to answer the question of “Is Love Blind” by taking away the physical aspect of relationships. Created by the producers of The Bachelor, this show takes a number of single men and women who are looking to get married and have them date without ever seeing each other.

There are 30 contestants in total, and the dating is in the form of speed dating, where the couples interact in booths, not unlike a confession booth. When a couple decides they would like to get married they are then allowed to see each other. The cinch of the show is with the wedding, on the altar, the couple must either then decide to continue and tie the knot, or to split up, answering the question of whether love is blind. 

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a Sci-fi show based on a book written in 2002 also named Altered Carbon. The concept of the show is a futuristic society in which someone’s consciousness can be put into a “stack” and be put in anybody, either organic or synthetic. The result of which is the ability to live forever if someone is rich enough.

The possibility of a real death is only in the case where someones “stack” is destroyed. The intriguing aspect of the show is the social order as a result of such technology, the disparity between the rich and poor, and the moral effects of being able to live forever. The show follows the story of a man by the name of Takeshi Kovacs, who is a member of a revolutionary movement and wakes from a 300-year imprisonment sentence to solve a murder. 

 Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an award-winning horror/sci-fi show following the story of a group of children who mistakenly come across another dimension filled with monsters. The monsters come as a result of an inter-dimensional portal created by government experiments into paranormal activity near the hometown of the boys. The show has three seasons out on Netflix and is expected to announce the release date of the fourth season sometime in 2020. 

The Office

For the comedy lovers of the world, The Office is a show that is bound to make you laugh at most times, cringe at some, and cry on rare occasions. The show considered a “mockumentary” is based on the less successful British version of the show which follows the life of a paper sales company called Dunder Mifflin and stars Steve Carrel as the manager of the office. The show originally aired on NBC from 2005-2013 and has 9 seasons that are available on Netflix. 

What to Watch on Netflix Now

The Crown

The Crown is a historical drama series that follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of The United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth is a source of incredible stories being as she is the longest-reigning British monarch, as well as the world's longest-serving head of state.

The show is split up into seasons that cover different eras of the Queen’s life. As the show covers her reign from her wedding in 1947 into the 21st century, every 2 seasons the actors are replaced. The show is praised for being historically accurate, its amazing cinematography, and powerful performances. The show currently has 3 seasons with a 4th season that may be released late in 2020 but is unconfirmed. 

The Witcher

This show is a fantasy drama based on a book that went on to become a popular game before being written on TV. The series which recently released its first season follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster-hunter for hire. Each episode shows the story of Geralt as he hunts a monster, but also follows an overall larger plot throughout each episode. The main character is portrayed by Henry Cavill, known for playing Superman, and his violently calm demeanor is what makes the show great. 

What Movies to Watch on Netflix

Star Trek

Star Trek is an immensely popular franchise that began with the original TV show released in 1966. While in most cases, shows die off after a generation, this show has come back with 6 different versions of the show now available on Netflix. Each show follows the story of a different starship but the plot remains the same in each show. Starfleet is a space force that was created to conduct deep space exploration and research.

The premise for the show is interesting and beyond its time when created. The genius in the show is, however, its ability to translate social and moral issues that exist in our time and planet into the show. Issues such as racism, the value of life, leadership, are all covered by this show, and aside from being entertaining, the show is very educational. Perhaps the best of all the Star Trek shows available on Netflix is Star Trek: The Next Generation which stars Patrick Stewart as the captain of the starship Enterprise. 


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