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White Pages People Search: People Search Service by White Pages How Does it Work

by Robert C.

White Pages People Search, People Search White Pages

White Pages People Search: Everything You Need to Know About Whitepages!If you weren't just born yesterday, you've probably heard about Yellow Pages, this big yellow book gathering all information about people and companies, a complete telephone directory organized by categories. If it has been well-known all over the world in the 20th century, the yellow book became, later on, with the emergence of the Internet, a White Pages online directory.

In this 21st century, we push the technology even further and you can find much more than a simple phone number or an address while searching in the White Pages! If you wonder how White Pages works and how to find people online with White Pages, follow us!

White Pages Overview

White Pages was founded in 1997
on the threshold of the digital age, providing and gathering individuals and small businesses contact online. White Pages is thus the perfect telephone directory. Further than a simple people search, it has extended its services to reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, business search, background checks, financial records, traffic records, criminal records, professional licenses, property details, etc.

More than 35 million people are looking for relevant information on White Pages every month. Follow this guide to understand how White Pages works and how to find people online with White Pages.

White Pages People Search
White Pages Costs

White Pages is free, but only if you look into the basic directory. If the basic directory gives you access to over 200 million numbers, including residential and business listings, it will not include mobile phones, email addresses, and other hard-to-find contact details.

How to access more information? White Pages offers a WhitePages Premium subscription which enables you to search through criminal records, public records, do a reverse phone lookup and much more. It allows you to search with either a first and last name, phone number, address, or email. The White Pages Premium membership allows you to unlock many benefits including hard-to-find contact details.

White Pages Services and Features

The services and features of White Pages, as you may have understood, vary if you use the free White Pages service, or rather if you use the White Pages Premium membership.

The basic contact information that you can expect while using the free version of White Pages are the following:

  • Landline numbers
  • Current address
  • Previous cities of residence
  • Relatives
  • Associates

The services that you'll be able to access while using the White Pages Premium membership are the following:

  • Advanced Information: mobile phone numbers, previous street addresses, full address history, as well as an ad-free experience.
  • In-depth Background Check Information: criminal records, liens and judgments, bankruptcies and foreclosures, property ownership information, professional licenses, and permits, as well as confidential background checks.
White Pages People Search

Overall, you can use White Pages for either a light or deep people search. White Pages will fit your needs if you want to:

  • Find a Person: find people, cell phone numbers, addresses, relatives and more.
  • Look up an Address: find residents, tenants, property owners, and property information.
  • Screen a Tenant: run tenant background checks, credit checks, eviction history and more.
  • Lookup a Phone Number: find out who's calling, get the owner's name and identify spam and scam calls.
  • Get a Background Check: you can get instant criminal history, financial history, addresses and contact information.
  • Find a business: you can get business addresses, phone numbers and hours from the yellow pages directory.
How Does White Pages Work? We Explain the Way White Pages Operates! 

White Pages People Search uses nationwide public records to search for people based on various criteria. The most common is to start a search with a name and family or a business name if you are looking for a company. Established since 1997, White Pages describes itself as the authority in People Search. How does it work?

For a People Search, simply enter a first and last name and start to search! You also have the choice to enter a state, a city or a zipcode, which will narrow your search. Then, a list of results will appear detailing the landline number, the current address, and previous locations. In some cases, family members and relatives will also appear. In case you want to follow the changes on this specific contact, you can choose to monitor and you'll get notified when that person's info changes.

White Pages is based on a powerful technology to deliver the most accurate data to their clients. Personal data of the American population is constantly evolving, this is why it asks huge capabilities to update and refresh data constantly and ensure accuracy. This is how they explain that some basic data are for free and some, such as cell phone numbers, are not.

White Pages People Search

White Pages Review

White Pages is an efficient tool if you want to run a free people search, however, the information you'll get for free are information limited to landline numbers and addresses. It is a good option if you have lost the number or address of an old friend or relatives, or if you wonder where to send a postal card to a member of your family. The free people search service is limited so if you want to look for more information, you'll have to opt for the premium membership, which is not free. Reviews are quite mixed concerning White Pages, but do people review when they use a free service?

"Found everything that I was looking for. Heard many people had issues with them posting personal info, hopefully never will be one of those. but so far using white pages was ok" - Sheila. 

"Provides dated info available online for free, total rip off, stay away. I paid $10 for information available through google for free" - Todd.

White Pages has a B grade according to Better Business Bureau and it has more than twenty years of experience in People Search, which makes it a solid reference!


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