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How Public Records are Collected

by Garry S.

Public Records, How Public Records are Collected

Public Records Explained

Let's say that you met a person who can become a friend to you. Let's say that you click and become closer and closer as time goes by. Let's also say that the things that friend is telling you about themselves don't always sound like the truth. What do you do? How do you get real information about the people in your life? Unfortunately, asking people to be honest with you doesn't always work, so you need to find other ways to get the truth. These days the most accurate answers regarding people's past lie with public records, and this is what you need to know about who public records are collected.

What are Public Records?

Before we begin to explain how public records are collected, you need to know what are public records. Public records are records that are available to citizens of the US. The right to view certain records is available thanks to the Freedom of Information Act in the country. Such records contain information about people, state authorities, federal authorities, and local authorities. There are several exemptions to public records, and the main ones are:

In case exposure of the records may hurt the privacy of an individual who has not broken any laws

  • Records that pertain to national security; classified documents that are not produced in Congressional hearings (like military records)
  • Police records and similar records that involve a crime that has not been solved yet
  • Each state has its laws and provisions when it comes to public records, so policies vary from one state to the next
Public Records

How are Public Records Collected?

Now that you know a little more about public records, you can understand how they are collected. When it comes to national public records, different authorities are the ones who gather them, like the government, the military, and others.

Personal public records, meaning records about people, are also collected by official authorities in each state. The data that is collected can be kept by different authorities in each state, and in most cases, the following maintain detailed records of the people in each state:

  • Health departments – maintain birth records, death records, adoption records, and in certain cases – marriage records and divorce records
  • Courts – maintain marriage records, divorce records, court cases
  • Police agencies – maintain arrest records, criminal records, traffic violations, and more

Can I Have Access to Public Records?

The point of having public records is to make certain records available to the public, so yes, you can have access to public records. Most people want to get access to personal public records that reveal accurate information about people. To get this access, you will need to contact the authorities that were mentioned above. Each state and county have different ways to contact the authorities, such as phone, email, postal services, in person, via fax.

Also, each authority has fees that people are required to pay to get copies of personal public records. To get the information you need, you are required to pay the fee demanded by the authority. Once the fees are paid and the request is made, you will get copies of public records in several days to several weeks.

How Public Records are Collected

Online Public Records Search

Another way to get access to public records to use an online directory that will provide you with all the data you need. These days, you can use quick public records search directories, like TruthFinder, BeenVerified, CheckPeople, and others to find information about people.

All the searches in these websites are quick, so you will not need to contact any authorities to perform the search. Most of the people search and public search directories allow you to perform all the search you need by using the following methods:

  • Name search – to get access to information about people, you will need to type in the first name, last name, and state/city of residence of the person you are searching
  • Reverse phone number lookup – you need to enter the phone number of the person you are searching
  • Physical address – you need to provide the physical address of the person you are searching
  • Reverse email lookup – you need to enter the email address of the person you are searching
public records search

Why Search for Public Records?

The most important purpose of public records is to help you find out the truth about the people in your life. When using one of the directories mentioned above, you will be able to find criminal records, arrest records, real names, sex offenses, frauds people committed, marriage records, and much more information. The directories can help you perform the following and find out everything you need to know:

Find people from your past – there are plenty of cases where people lost touch with loved ones, like family members, friends, army buddies, etc. By using a public records search directory, you will be able to find the latest contact information of people you lost touch with, and get in touch with them.

Dating – there are certain risks involved when you go out with someone you do not know, whether you met them online or in real life. To find out if people you want to go out with are honest about who they are, you can use an online public records search directory. With the help of such directories, you can find out if a romantic love interest is married or single if they committed sex crimes, of they lied about their identity, and much more.

Get to know new people in your life – when we meet new people; we cannot know if they are honest with us; it could be a neighbor, an adult in your child's life, a colleague or any other person.

Public records can be very helpful in many cases, and they are available for a good reason. To protect yourself from those who may have bad intentions, you can use an online public records search directory, and find out everything you need to know about the people in your life.


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