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Who is Jeff Bezos: Overview of Jeff Bezos!

by Rob V.

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Who Is Jeff Bezos? Short Overview of Jeff Bezos! 

Jeff Bezos is a famous American technology entrepreneur and the chairman, Chief Executive Officer and founder of He also owns ‘The Washington Post.’ In fact, Bezos’ immensely successful business deals have made him today one of the most affluent people on the planet.

His full name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos and he is also a noted philanthropist and investor.

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Early life and education of Jeff Bezos

Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States of America. Bezos is 54-year-old at present and his date of birth is January 12, 1964. Bezos had a passion for the computer from his early days and has a degree in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton University. He worked on Wall Street after completing his graduation and was the youngest Sr. VP at D.E. Shaw, an investment firm in 1990.

Launch of

After four years, he resigned from his lucrative assignment and opened a virtual bookstore called, which emerges as one of the biggest success stories on the Internet. He started operating in his garage along with a handful of employees where he started developing software. Soon, they shifted their office to a 2-bedroom flat and eventually came up with a test site. Thereafter, Bezos sent an invitation to about 300 friends for his site’s beta testing.  On July 16, 1995, Bezos finally opened, naming it after the famous South American River.

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His company had a phenomenal success story right from the beginning. Without any press promotion or publication, the company could sell innumerable books across 45 foreign nations and in the United States of America within a month. saw its sales reaching to 20,000 USD every week within two months and grew more rapidly than what his start-up team and he had imagined.

In 1997, the company went public and yet several market analysts were skeptical about the future of as several traditional retailers had also started launching their own e-commerce websites. However, the start-up proved them wrong when it not only surged ahead of his rivals but also became the leader in e-commerce. continued with its diversifications and started selling videos and CDs in 1998. It later expanded the business to venture into selling toys, electronics, clothes, and many more by entering into key retail partnerships.

Amazon also launched Amazon Unbox, its service of video on demand in 2006. Later on, Bezos rebranded it as Amazon Instant Video. The company then released a handheld and portable digital book reader in 2007, which enabled its user to purchase, store, read, and download their book choices.

Buying 'The Washington Post'

The entrepreneur grabbed headlines all over the world when he bought The Washington Post along with other publications, which were affiliated to the same parent company on August 5-2013. The deal was worth 250 million USD. Bezos’ highly successful entrepreneurship ventures have led to hi emerging as one of the wealthiest persons in the entire world.

Amazon Studios & Amazon Prime

In December 2013, the entrepreneur again grabbed headlines when he declared an experimental and new initiative called “Amazon Prime Air’ where remote-controlled machines or drones would perform a string of human tasks for offering service delivery to the customers. He also proved a point by using his Amazon Studios to develop original content. Amazon hit big in 2014 after premiering many new programs the year before.

Bezos managed to surge ahead of Bill Gates briefly in July 2017 by becoming the world’s most affluent person and then dropped back to number 2 position. The chief of Amazon reclaimed his number 1 spot in October last year and again in January this year. 

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