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Kim Dotcom: Get to Know the Man Behind the Persona

by Rick S.

Kim Dotcom, Dotcom, Who is Kim Dotcom

Who Is

Kim Schmitz, better known as Kim Dotcom was born on January 21, 1974. Some of his other names include Kim Tim Jim Vestor and Kimble. Kim is a political activist and an Internet entrepreneur of German Finnish background. Kim lives in Queenstown, New Zealand and initially became famous as an Internet entrepreneur in Germany in the nineties.

Personal life

Kim was born in a place called Kiel in the northern part of Germany. However, his mother was from Turku and was Finnish by birth. Hence he also has a Finnish passport. Kim’s father was a German and his siblings reside in Finland.

He is regarded as one of the top tech entrepreneurs in the world. Kim embraced a new surname called Dotcom in 2005. It was done as a tribute to the world of technology, which made hi affluent and a millionaire. Kim also so lived in Hong Kong and set up the controversial Megaupload. 

Before the cops arrested him in New Zealand, Kim led a luxurious life. His primary source of income came from a company known as Kimvestor in 2001 that he had valued at about 200 million Euros.  The entrepreneur is also famous for splurging his wealth on luxurious boats and expensive cars.

Kim Dotcom
There was one such occasion when he spent a whopping one million USD while chartering a luxury yacht that he moored in the harbor of Monte Carlo. He also threw extravagant parties for celebrity guests like Prince Rainier of Monaco. Officials of United States mentioned that Kim was the owner of a minimum of 18 luxury cars. The license plates of three of his cars read “STONED”, “MAFIA”, and “HACKER”.

Kim met his future wife Mona Verga in 2007 that he often referred to as the love and soul mate of his life. The couple eventually got married in 2009. They became parents of twin girls as Verga became a mother and delivered the kids in Auckland, only a month after her husband was released from the Mt. Eden Prison on bail.

However, their marriage did not last for many years as Kim tweeted in 2014 that he has separated from Mona, his wife and was going ahead with a divorce.

Kim shared his intention to marry Elizabeth Donnelly, his fiancée in November 2017. Incidentally, Kim is twenty-one years senior to his fiancée. When the couple shifted to Queenstown in 2017, they were already seeing each other for about a couple of years.


Controversies and businesses

Kim established the now nonexisting Megaupload, a file hosting service, which was operational from 2005 to 2012. Previously, he became notorious in Germany by becoming a teen hacker. He was given a suspended sentence for two years for selling identities, which he had transferred illegally from the client database of telephone operators.

Ever since Megaupload became defunct, Kim has been charged with cases like criminal copyright infringement, wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering by the Department of Justice of the United States of America.

However, Kim refused to admit that he had been involved in any kind of misconduct and has in fact accused the authorities in the United States of following a planned vendetta against him under the influence of pressure exerted by the powerful Hollywood studios.  

Kim launched Mega in 2013, which was another storage service on the cloud. However, the tech entrepreneur disassociated himself from the service just two years later in 2015. Kim also funded and set up the Internet Party. His party participated in the general elections held in New Zealand in 2014 as a part of an electoral agreement with the Mana Movement and again in the country’s next general election in 2017. However, his party could not win a single sea in both these elections.


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