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How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram?

by Garry S.

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See Unfollowers Instagram Guide

Since the Instagram app does not reveal who has unfollowed you, this query is quite common. You can simply see that the number of your followers is diminishing. As such, you can simply look at the Instagram app and wonder who all have unfollowed you. You may also try to figure out whether there is an app to help you out with this.

So, when you are contemplating who could be your unfollowers, you could also be eager to know about some good 3rd party apps for Instagram followers, which can intimate you who have tapped on your profile’s unfollow button.

After all, while Instagram does intimate you about your new followers, it is of little help when it comes to notifying you about your unfollowers.

1. The manual way to know who unfollowed you on Instagram
It is the most basic technique to know about your unfollowers on Instagram. The method is all about checking the exact count of your followers manually. When you observe that the count of your followers is decreasing, go to those users' "Following" lists to check if they are still following your profile on Instagram or not. The manual way to track is invariably quite impractical and can take a lot of your time. Rather, it makes sense to use a specialized tool to track your followers, as well as, unfollowers.

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2. Use the Instagram app
Here are the steps to know about your unfollowers through the Instagram app:

3. Open Instagram
You need to tap on the icon for the Instagram app that looks like a camera front. Tapping the icon will show your Instagram feed in case you are already signed in.

However, in case you had logged out of Instagram account, choose the link for login and then enter your credentials such as email/username, contact number/address, and password.

  • Next, the icon for Profile should be tapped. You will see it on your screen’s bottom-right.
  • Tap your followers

The tab is available on the screen top. You can see the total number of your existing followers just above it. So for instance, when you have 150 followers, you would tap one hundred and fifty followers.

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  • Check out your absent Instagram followers

Simply scroll through the list of your followers on Instagram and look for names that are missing. When you are unable to see a certain follower of yours any longer, it means he or she has unfollowed you.

However, it is a difficult method, particularly when a number of your Instagram followers have deserted you recently. At the same time, you can get a rough idea about those people who have unfollowed you when you follow the same people. It is also possible that such a user could have deleted his/or Instagram account.

It is possible to find out if their account is still active in Instagram when you tap on the icon resembling a magnifying glass on the screen and start searching their names.

4. Use the website for Instagram
Go to to open Instagram on the web browser of your computer.

It will open the main page of your Instagram provided you are already signed in
  • Click on the icon called profile. It is an icon shaped like a person that is available on the web page's right corner.
  • Next, click on followers. The tab is available on the top of your Instagram webpage and beneath your username. The tab contains your recent number of Instagram followers. For instance, when you have 200 followers on Instagram, you would clock 200 followers here.
  • Check out your absent followers. Simply scroll through your follower list to check for those missing names. In case you are unable to trace a certain follower here, it indicates he/she has unfollowed you on Instagram.


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