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Reasons People Become Firefighters!

by Garry S.

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Reasons People Become Firefighters!

Being a firefighter isn't easy. It requires quick thinking, courage, and physical strength. Most people don't become firefighters for the cushy lifestyle. They go into the field because of personal experience and the willingness to help other people. There are lots of reasons why people become firefighters.

1. A Willing Heart 

Most firefighters have a willingness to serve and protect other people. They are wise people who are trained to make quick and calculated decisions. They prepare for emergencies and are very aware of the risk of injury. They know how valuable life is and they’re willing to put that knowledge to good use. They risk their lives to save ours. They demonstrate their good-heartedness and genuine care for others in a major way, on a daily basis.

2. Flexible Schedule

Firefighters have a very flexible schedule. Unlike other jobs that demand your time from 9 to 5, firefighting has the luxury of flexibility. In a lot of cases, in the firefighting department, if you work a long shift, you can take a long break. Most fire stations even have living quarters, kitchens, and showers so the firefighters can take a beat and relax while they're not on call or after an intense search and rescue. If you're a firefighter at a busy station, you might not get a lot of free time. However, if you work in a station that doesn't have to handle a lot of calls, you can enjoy the full benefits of having a flexible work schedule. 


3. Exercise and physical activity

Firefighters always need to be prepared in case of an emergency. They need to possess endurance, strength, and stamina to be able to do their jobs without failure. People who enjoy fitness and physical activities would enjoy firefighting. A lot of fire stations have a well-equipped gym with lots of workout equipment. All firefighters are encouraged to engage in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis to stay fit and ready for anything that might come their way.

4. Team spirit and camaraderie 

A lot of people consider the profession for the camaraderie it offers. We've all seen movies and TV shows with firefighters on TV. All firefighters from a station seem to be good friends. They work well together like a well-oiled machine. This doesn't just come naturally. Shared experiences strengthen bonds. They work as a team. They even do their job in pairs. They're never alone when they enter a burning building. No man gets left behind. The meals prepared and shared between firefighters become something that reminds them of home. In a way, the fire station is a second home to many who work there. Once you're a firefighter, you can bet on lifelong friendships and lots of life-lessons.

Becoming a Firefighter

Why is the job rewarding?

1. You save a lot of lives. 

Firefighters are somebody’s heroes every day. There aren’t a lot of things in life that are more rewarding than saving people and making a difference in their lives. Wherever your call might take you, you change someone’s day. As a firefighter, you are a very valuable member of society.

2. Job security. 

Being a firefighter gives you both job security as well as retirement security. There will always be a need for firefighters in society. That also means that there isn’t a lot of layoffs that happen in the fire department. The fire department also gives you retirement security. The fire department lets you retire young and provides you with a competitive retirement plan.

Working in the fire department comes with numerous perks. The saving lives aspect of the job alone would make you consider it.

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