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Wi-Fi Calling: Learn All About it!

by Eddie V.

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What is a Wi-Fi Calling and How to Place it Using Apps

In this day and age, the need to stay connected is paramount. We all use several technologies which will help us stay continuously connected at all times. Wi-Fi calls are not exactly new in the market; they have been around as long as Skype has. Wi-Fi calls are nothing but placing a call through a Wi-Fi connection rather than a cellular one. However Wi-Fi calling has evolved with time as has the career technology to support it. The data calling space, like every other information technology out there, is getting more competitive with each passing day.

Traditionally when we use our phones to call somebody the call is connected through cellular towers. A mobile network comprises several towers each emitting signals up to 100 watts of power. These towers are designed, maintained and operated by Mobile network operators.

Wi-Fi Calling
The strength of our calls depends on the proximity of the mobile cellular towers. Although mobile network operators would like to cover every square inch of the planet for their benefits, ensuring that their users get signals wherever they go, it is not always practically possible to do so. Therefore network signals could get irregular if you are in a zone where there are no good mobile towers nearby. During these times, Wi-Fi calling is an excellent option. However Wi-Fi calling too has some parameters, if you move out of the area covered by the Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi calls are prone to dropping as well.

Wi-Fi calling features on smartphones use the best possible networks available in the vicinity and enable you to call and send texts using that feature.  It is a good substitute for people who face problems with signals and are harangued by continuous call drops and poor audio quality due to network problems. The major careers supporting Wi-Fi calls are T- Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Even if the phone you are using and the career both support Wi-Fi t calling, it is probably not activated by default. You would have to visit the setting menu to get it activated. The best way is to go to the wifi section in your setting menu if your phone supports Wi-Fi calling you will find there a button by the same name. Turn it on to activate the Wi-Fi calling facility on your phone.

What is a Wi-Fi Call

Carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, would charge you for the services they render. Different careers have different policies regarding Wi-Fi calls; the smart thing would be to go over them carefully before you agree to use their services. All of these policies are displayed for your benefit on the careers website. Carriers also use their discretion about which devices to support, so make sure you also go over them and check that the carrier you are choosing is compatible with and supports the phone you would be using to make the calls.

There are also now third-party apps which let you make Wi-Fi calls for free. The recently updated iPhone Messenger App on Facebook, for instance, you can make Wi-Fi calls to other users with iPhone having the same app by using it. The trouble is that might limit your options and restrict the number of people you might want to reach out to, using the Wi-Fi call facility. Talkaton is another app which, unlike careers, provides free Wi-Fi calling facility. The Talkaton requires users to have Google Voice Calling facilities for them to use the app. Skype app is used by a lot of people using a range of different devices for Wi-Fi calling. Among all the three mentioned. Skype is possibly the most popular. So, now that you know all about it, happy Wi-Fi calling!

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