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Why You Should Use a Wifi Extender in your Home!

by Robert K.

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Why You Should Use a Wifi Extender in your Home? How having stronger internet can benefit you?

A WiFi extender, booster, repeater have the same function. They are a device which is used to improve WiFI coverage in your home. The device is set up in between a router and an access point or a wireless local area network. It relays the network it receives from the access point to the user. A WiFi extender is useful for people who need regular internet access. There is a tendency to be just out of range from your WiFi router and this device helps you stay connected at all times. The extender transmits signals effectively and connects to the router and base wirelessly.

1. Your WiFi router may not be able to provide a signal to every corner in your home.

You know exactly where you need to be to receive the fast internet from your WiFi router. You also know the spots in your home that do not receive any signal or have poor unstable connectivity to the WiFi router.

The areas where your router does not transmit any signal is termed as a dead zone. This occurs because the router you have is weak and cannot support a direct connection. It can also be an effect of the architectural design of the home that prevents signals from getting transmitted. Whatever the reason may be, a WiFi extender should be installed to ensure that there is connectivity even in the dead zones.

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2. To increase the speed of your WiFi router.

WiFi extenders are primarily used to eliminate dead spots. However, they can also be used to increase the speed of your WiFi network. You can upgrade your current network by adding an extender to boost the speed of your internet. Some extenders and boosters have additional features that permit the router to transmit signals to more devices with advanced WifI technology.

3. You want your Wifi to be more flexible.

With the advancement in technology, there is a great demand for strong internet connectivity. You need to be able to have access to the internet even when you step out into your garden, backyard or balcony. A WiFi extender can be installed close to these areas to ensure that you receive WiFi signals and not depend on your mobile data.


There are a number of advantages of having high-speed internet at home. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. Ensures faster page load time

With high-speed internet, you can research and open multiple tabs at ease, without having to wait for every single page to load. You can even have pages that have videos, photos and ads on while using another page. Good internet connection can enable this.

2. High-speed internet service can support multiple internet users.

Nowadays, investing in broadband connections that provide high-speed internet data is an essential part of a household. WiFi routers with high-speed internet can handle and support multiple devices using the internet at the same time, without losing speed or efficiency. You can even download songs or videos while there are two or three other people using the internet at the same time.

3. Ensures quality internet service

Most people in today’s world use the internet for work and for personal time. The high-speed internet can greatly benefit anyone who has to meet a deadline at work and needs to finish work on time. Internet with slow access can come in the way of getting work done on time. It can really affect a person’s work life. When you are watching a tv show on Netflix, you want to be able to watch it in high definition and high-speed internet provides this service.

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