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Wisconsin Police Academy Requirements

by Garry S.

Wisconsin Police Academy Requirements, How to Be Wisconsin Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is home to over 5.7 million residents and commands a police force of over 12,000 along with a large number of patrol officers. Seeking a job at the Wisconsin police department can be highly lucrative, especially if you are looking for a career in law enforcement. However, getting into the department is not easy at all, and you have to go through strict selection examinations and evaluation processes.

Upon successfully clearing all of the requirements and examinations, candidates are expected to attend academy training. The training period can last up to 6 months and involves rigorous training regimens that are meant to enable prospective police officers to become fit for their jobs in law enforcement.

Wisconsin Police Academy Eligibility:

  • Candidates need to be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a high school diploma or a GED
  • Hold a driver’s license
  • Hold over 60 credit hours at an accredited school or a two-year associate degree
  • No prior convictions of a disqualifying nature.
Wisconsin Police Department

The educational qualifications are flexible, and if a candidate does not possess 60 credit hours at an accredited school or hold a two-year associate degree, he or she will be given five years from the date of the selection into the force to acquire the same.

Wisconsin Police Academy Examinations

Meeting the above eligibility requirements does not guarantee a spot at the Wisconsin police department. Candidates also need to appear for a number of examinations which includes a background check, a physical fitness test, a physical examination by licensed physicians, a psychological evaluation examination, an oral interview, and finally, a drug test. Candidates need to meet the minimum benchmarks and clear all of the tests to be eligible for the police academy.

Wisconsin Trooper or Highway Patrol

To become part of the trooper or highway patrol forces, candidates need to showcase their field operations, transportation safety, and support service skills. To be a part of the WSP, candidates must:

  • Be authorized to work in the United States with valid citizenship or an I-9
  • Pass the hearing ability requirements
  • Uncorrected vision of 20/10 in each eye with a correctable vision of 20/20
Wisconsin Police Department Info

All candidates who clear the requirements will be required to undergo paid training that can last up to 25 weeks. The State Patrol Academy is responsible for all training and evaluation.

Sheriff’s Deputy Requirements

All 72 counties of Wisconsin has a designated sheriff’s department. The departments are managed by the sheriffs and deputies who are law enforcement officers. To be eligible for the department, candidates must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Hold a valid citizenship status in the United States
  • Be a citizen of Wisconsin
  • Hold at least 60 hours of college credit hours at the time of joining the force

The sheriff’s department requires candidates to have completed their law enforcement training courses and be certified as sworn officers before selection.

Wisconsin Police Academy

Dane County

With over 500 sheriff deputies working at Dane County, the DSCO is among the largest law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin. The sheriff is responsible for overseeing the department. To be part of the Dane Country law enforcement department in Wisconsin, candidates must meet the following requirements.

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Hold valid citizenship of the USA
  • Hold a high school diploma or an equivalent educational degree

Police officers in Wisconsin can be highly rewarding with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting an average of $60,800 in 2017 with a steady growth rate. There are hundreds of annual openings each year with thousands of applicants trying to be part of the law enforcement department and serve the citizens of Wisconsin.


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