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Wyoming Labor Laws and Employee Rights in Wyoming

by Garry S.

Wyoming Labor Law, Wyoming Labor Laws

What are Wyoming Labor Laws?

Labor Laws are laws that pertain specifically to work and employment and protect the rights of both employers as well as employees. They set specific rules and regulations that all members of the workforce must abide by to ensure an ethical and productive transaction of labor.

The kind of subjects that Labor Laws address include but are not limited to minimum wage, overtime, vacations and days off, meal times and much more. The federal government has set certain basic foundations on these laws that every state must abide. Usually, the Labor Law in a particular state is a combination of federal and state government laws, working together to bring out the best in the working community. State governments, where they feel that they can offer better protection to their citizens can put forward their laws towards that effect.

What are the Labor Laws in Wyoming like?

Wyoming uses a mixture of state and federal law when it comes to the workforce. However, such laws are only applicable when state law provides greater protection to the worker. Such a situation can be made evident from the minimum wage in Wyoming. The state government has set the minimum wage at $5.15. However, the federal government has set the minimum wage at $7.25. In this situation, should an employer be paying their workers minimum wage, then they have to provide the amount set by the federal government. The reason behind this is because the higher amount set by the federal government better addresses the needs of the employee, that is, a larger paycheck.

Wyoming has several Labor Laws in place that protect the rights of all members of the workforce.

Wyoming Labor Law

What are some Labor Laws that you need to be aware of?

Being aware of the rules that govern the workplace gives employers and employees a foundation to base their behavior on. There are specific codes of conduct that are deemed inappropriate in the workplace, and Labor Laws lend credence to protecting the workplace environment. An employee, for example, cannot without reason take multiple days off. Similarly, an employer must fix a date with their employee on which they will receive their paycheck and abide by it.

Knowing some of the more common Labor Laws that can affect you will better help you in understanding the rights given to you by the federal and state government:

  • Overtime: The state government of Wyoming has not put forward any special laws regarding how much should be paid to overtime workers. In this situation, federal regulations are used instead. In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, any time more than the mandated forty hours a week shall be paid for at an overtime rate. An employer can ask their employees to do as many overtime hours as required. The overtime amount is one and a half times the regular amount the employee is paid.
Wyoming Labor Laws
  • Lunch break: Neither the federal nor state governments make any actual provision for meals or break times. That means that meal times provided at work are at the prerogative of the employer. Those workplaces where the lunch break is less than twenty minutes count that time as paid time. If the lunch break extends to more than thirty minutes, it is an unpaid break.
  • Child Labor Laws: Wyoming has strict Labor Laws in place for anyone who wants to work but is under the age of eighteen. Fourteen and fifteen-year-olds operate under a different set of rules from sixteen and seventeen-year-olds. These laws make time allowances for when school is in session and otherwise. They also specify which areas of employment minors can legally seek and how many hours a week they can work there.

Labor Laws also take into account vacation days, time off days for occasions such as jury duty and others. The federal holiday list determines the list of holidays in the year except special days celebrated in the state.


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