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XFINITY Speed Test: What You Need to Know About It

by Garry S.

XFINITY Speed Test, XFINITY Internet Speed Test

Comcast/XFINITY Speed Test Review

The technical name of Comcast Speed Test is XFINITY Speed Test. It is offered by Comcast to test the speed of the Internet. It is a web-based tool and free. Users take advantage of the XFINITY Speed Test to know the available bandwidth at the time of testing. Using the Comcast Speed Test will help you to get an empirical idea of how swiftly you can upload and download data to and from the Internet. This is important as the speed impacts the streaming of music and movies. More speed means swifter download of files. Greater numbers equal greater browsing pleasure.

XFINITY is the brand name foisted on consumer services provided by Comcast. The name was introduced by the company at the beginning of 2010. Although the name was changed so many years back, the process continues to be colloquially known as the Comcast Speed test.

Using the XFINITY tool

It is ridiculously easy to do the Comcast Speed Test. First, navigate to XFINITY Speed Test site. Click (or if you have a touchscreen, tap) "Start Test" button. Select the "Advanced Settings" link present at the page top. You can now change the test server location. You will now simply wait so that all three stages of the speed test gets completed.

XFINITY Speed Test

In case you plan to benchmark your Internet speed with XFINITY Speed Test, tap (or click) the button bearing the label "Share your results" and subsequently open the URL which is displayed to visit a page which is dedicated to such outcomes. It will be then possible for you to copy the URL and paste it anywhere. You can paste it anywhere, be it in an email or a document. Remember to have JavaScript enabled in the browser you use to enable this speed test. A majority of computers are compatible with this set-up.


Workings of the XFINITY Speed Test

Similar to other Internet speed tests, the XFINITY Speed Test uploads and downloads smaller amounts of few test data. It then measures the time spent to do so. The mathematics involved is simple, and the result is expressed in Mbps. The process also tests the network latency. Your computer will get connected to the OOKLA powered servers for testing latency and Internet speed. OOKLA is hosted by Comcast.

User profile

You can use the XFINITY Speed test even if you do not subscribe to Comcast services. It can be used by any person who wants to test his or her Internet speed. Do understand that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could have its own speed test. The latter will make a much better option in such a case. If in doubt, go through the Internet Speed Test Sites.

XFINITY Internet Speed Test

Speed Test accuracy

Some variables can affect the Comcast speed test, thus making it impossible to claim the test is 100 percent accurate. The same can be said about other speed tests too. For a vast majority of customers, the XFINITY Speed test can safely be regarded as an accurate one.

You can choose the plan which you consider best satisfies your needs. The company insists on signing a contract before it offers you noticeable discounts. A year's subscription generally reduces the bill by at least $10 every month. Some rates are high, but the speed of the Internet makes up for the more expensive bill. After you complete the XFINITY Speed test, you can choose to save a picture of your computer's test results, or you could simply save URL to picture itself on the Comcast servers. A majority of experts prefer the Comcast tests above all other tests.

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