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Yahoo Features You Never Knew Existed

by Kelly B.

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Yahoo: Everything you can do with Yahoo

Yahoo is much more than just another web portal providing a search engine option, and email services. is one of the most popular web destinations that offer news, maps, directory, search engine, mail, social media sites, videos, and many other web services.
There are a number of things you can do with Yahoo, and here we will discuss the advantages and all the things you can do with Yahoo in detail:
Yahoo Search

Whether it is the distance from earth to mars that you want to know or a quick, easy dinner recipe, all you need to do is to type your query in the Yahoo Search box. Yahoo will list down a series of websites or web pages that will give you the answer you are looking for.

Yahoo, like Google, indexes the Web and makes information from the Web pages available to Web searches.
Personal advertisements and job sites are featured on the main page with clips of the latest news and search tab to help you find your required information.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Business – Create an Online Store
This online company has advantages over other online firms. Yahoo Small Business assists in the creation of an online store that can help you make some good money. Even though Yahoo store is available at a cost, many other helpful free services are available at just a click, all free of cost.

Yahoo Email Service
Yahoo’s Standard Mail service enables you to send and receive email, organize contacts, and also maintain a calendar.
With 1TB of storage capacity, Yahoo Mail is completely encrypted. Yahoo Ad Free Mail is available for a monthly fee but does not display any ads, unlike the Standard Yahoo Mail. Moreover, the account is not deactivated even if it is not used for a long period.
You can also use the built-in Yahoo Web Messenger to chat with others to have a more ‘personal’ touch with your contacts. You can chat with others right from your Yahoo email page, a feature that other email service providers do not provide.

Find Answers to Your Query in Yahoo’s Answer Pool

A question that you might have in your mind is likely to have been answered by one or more of the millions of users on Yahoo’s Answer site. Visit the site, browse categories, ask your queries, and see all the answers that people have asked and replied.

By signing up for a Yahoo ID, you will be able to create an Answers profile and that will enable you to reply to questions, comment and vote on answers that you can view.

Create Your Own Personal Yahoo Page

Yahoo’s main page showcases subjects and topics from every sphere of life. Apart from ‘Current Headlines,' there is also a Trending Now section showcasing hot trending topics. You can customize your own My Yahoo page upon signing up for a Yahoo account.

Simply pick your favorite topics that you want the page to display and you can have a personalized Yahoo My Page.


Share with Yahoo’s Blog and Photo Sites

Tumblr and Flickr used to be an independent blog and picture site respectively and that is before Yahoo bought them over. Signing up for a free Tumblr ID will help create your own blog posts and share them with your family and friends. Flick, on the other hand, is a high-resolution photo site where you can see and also share great pictures with the Flickr family.

Install Yahoo Messenger on Computer and Mobile
As discussed earlier, you can send instant messages using Yahoo Messenger from your Yahoo Mail page. In addition to this, you can also install Yahoo Messenger on your computer and mobile phones. Apart from texting, you can also chat with your friends via voice and webcam.

Since the Messenger supports IM and SMS, you can easily share huge files and pictures with all those in your contact list. You can make PC-to-phone calls too.

Wrapping it Up
Yahoo has a lot to offer to searchers. The Yahoo Cheat Sheet will help you master the art of searching for information on Yahoo search.


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