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Yellow Pages Website Review. Everything You Can Do with Yellow Pages Com!

by Robert C., Yellow Pages Com, www yellow pages com - A Full Review of the Largest Phone Number Directory in the World

We have all had a Yellow Pages book in our home at one point or another; the ever expending book provided people with information about businesses of all kinds, and contact information of people from their area or from different parts of the country. The thick Yellow Pages grew every year until an official website was launched in 1996 –

From then on, small and medium businesses no longer needed to advertise themselves in a bulky book. Instead, they could register to, now, and get their name out to people who need their services. The ever-expending website now provides much more information about businesses than just their contact data, and with our review, you will be able to find out how the website can help you track down the services you need, and much more. History

The name "Yellow Pages" comes from the color of the pages on which the business information was once printed. In 1883, a printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming ran out of white paper, so yellow paper had to be used instead, and the rest is history. Over the years, the big yellow pages book was used as an advertising directory for business, and they were listed in the big book by their category, and not in alphabetical order.

Like many other services, Yellow Pages translated its services to the internet. So, nowadays, you can use to search service providers online instead of searching through a big, yellow book. The official was launched in 1996 and became a part of Globalgate, and in 2004, the company was purchased by BellSouth Corp and SBC Communications Inc. In 2009, after becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T, became

Yellow Pages Com Services offers several online services, with a focus on businesses' information. To track down a service or a service provider, users must type in the name of the state and the city in which they want to find that service. Then, they need to enter the type of service they are looking for, like a plumber, a restaurant, hotels, and more. And that is it – the website will provide the search results immediately. Aside from contact information, provides business information that helps users choose which service is best for them.

When the search results pop up, they are accompanied by business ratings, reviews, location, phone numbers, etc. Users can also get or use coupons to get deals for various services.

www yellow pages com

People search services: aside from local business information, you can also track down people with The website provides several search methods that you can use to find people you want to get in touch with;

  • Name based search – an online people search service that allows you to find people based on their names. To find a person, you need to enter their first name, last name, city/zip code, and state of residence. Once you provide this information, the website will provide you with their contact information. Review
  • Address based people search – a people search service that allows users to track down others based on their address. To find a person, you must provide their address, zip code/city, and state of residence. Then, you will get their contact information, meaning their phone number.
People Search
  • Reverse phone number search – a directory that will provide you with information about people/businesses who are calling you. Once a phone number is entered into the Yellowpages reverse phone directory, it provides the name of the person who is calling. The service allows users to find out who is calling them, which can be very helpful in many cases; with online dating, people you do not know very well, your neighbors, etc. In cases where you have a phone number but not a name, you can use the reverse phone search. Also, if you want to make sure someone gave you their real name, like with online dating, you can use the helpful service.
reverse phone search

Yellow Pages Background Check

Aside from contact information and the location of people, you can also use for running background checks on people. The service is called "White Pages", and you can read about it extensively right HERE. The extended people search service lets users find public records information quickly and easily every time they try to track down someone.

After a phone number or person search is complete, you can get additional information in the links provided by the website. The links will take you to a Whitepages search page where you will get background check information. The search relies on public records and you can get plenty of information about people, like their social media data, access to their birth records, marriage and divorce records, criminal records, aliases, and much more.

Access to basic information is free, but the advanced search comes at a fee; this is because full access to public records costs money, so payment is required. – the Bottom Line

The services provided by Yellowpages are more extensive than ever, and they allow you to make well-informed decisions about service providers. The ratings and reviews let you find out who are the best service providers in your area, which of them are close to you, and how you can get in touch with them.

Also, both the business search and people search services on are quick and accurate, so you can get all the information you need in no time at all. Another plus of the online Yellowpages is that it has a downloadable app for both iOS and Android devices, so you can find business information and perform a people search on the go.  The downside of the advanced people search is that it is not free, so if you need data that is more than basic, you will need to pay. Other than that, is a handy tool for finding virtually every business and person in the United States, so if you need these types of services, it's the perfect website for you.


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