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5 Youngest Killers that Shocked the World

by Garry S.

Youngest Killers, Youngest Killers Ever

5 Youngest Killers in the World

When we hear the word 'killer', we are used to think about adults who have taken the wrong turn in life. The following list shows that killers come in all shapes and sizes, even as children who have committed the most horrible crimes:

1. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, 10: murdered a 3-year-old

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables


Little James Bulger was waiting for his mom at the mall when he was lured by Robert and Jon. The two took the 3-yer-old to a nearby canal where they sexually and physically assaulted James and dumped his body to a rail track. The two were arrested and released from rehab units in 2001.

2. Eric Smith, 13: sodomized and strangled a 4-year-old

Eric Smith

Eric was just 13 years old when he killed 4-year-old Derek Robbie by strangulation. Smith, who was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder also sodomized young Derek with a tree branch and dropped rocks on the child's head. Eric was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to a minimum of 9 years in prison.

3. Amarjeet Sada, 8: Murdered 3 girls

Amarjeet Sada

Sada is called one of the youngest serial killers of all time. A resident of India, Sada killed his 8-month-old cousin with a rock. He also killed two other girls by strangulation and was diagnosed as a psychopath. Sada is currently serving time, and he will be released when he turns 18.

4. Mary Bell, 11: Strangled 2 children

Mary Bell

1968 – London; 11-year-old Mary, daughter of a dominatrix prostitute, strangled two children. The boys, 3 and 4 years old, were killed by Mary, who said she strangled them for the joy of killing. Mary was incarcerated but was later released from prison.

5. Daniel Bartlam, 14: murdered his mother with a hammer

Daniel Bartlam

Daniel killed his mother by hitting her 7 times in the head with a hammer in 2011, when he was 14. He then burned her body. The young teen was convicted of the crimes and sentenced to 16 years in prison.


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