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YouTube Behind the Scenes: Get to Know YouTube Up Close

by Garry S.

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YouTube: Everything You Can Do with YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform in the world. After Google failed to compete with their service, Google Video, they outright bought YouTube in 2006.

YouTube lets its users watch, edit and upload videos to their servers. Users can also comment, rate and subscribe to video channels of their favorite content creators. YouTube also lets you rent and buy movies through Google Play. It also offers a premium subscription service which is called YouTube Red. YouTube Red removes all advertisements, lets you play videos offline and has its share of original content similar to how Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Play have their original content.

YouTube doesn’t force anyone to register to watch videos. However, if you’d like to comment or subscribe to any channels, you’ll need to link your Google account to your YouTube account or create a new Google account. Subscribing to a channel ensures that you see all of the channels uploads as and when the content creator uploads content. It’s perfect for people who’d like more content in a particular style.


Where can I watch YouTube videos?

YouTube lets users watch videos through their website ( or through video embeds in other blogs and websites. Not all videos are viewable by the public; video owners can restrict their videos. They can do this by listing a video as private or by not allowing people to embed their videos on other websites.

You can also watch videos on YouTube through different devices such as your smartphone, Google’s Chromecast, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Roku and so on.

How do I find videos on YouTube?

There are a couple of different ways of finding content on YouTube. You can use the search bar on top to find videos by keyword. You can also look for videos by topic and also see what’s trending ka what’s popular at the moment. If you like a channel’s content, you can click the subscribe button to be notified whenever they upload new videos.

Why is YouTube so popular?

When you use YouTube, you feel like you’re part of a living, breathing community. You can rate videos, comment on them and even reply to videos with video comments. Many YouTube sensations have gone on to become quite successful. Stars like Justin Bieber owe much of their success to YouTube.

YouTube Com

Can I download videos off YouTube to watch offline?

YouTube doesn't make it easy for you to watch your favorite content when you're offline. There are plenty of third-party applications which let you download videos to watch offline; however, YouTube heavily discourages using them. Some of them even violate YouTube’s user agreement.
If you’d like to download videos through the official route, you can download videos through YouTube Red. However, you do need to pay for a subscription to use YouTube Red.

Can I embed YouTube videos into my blog?

You are free to embed any video you’d like onto your blog unless they have disallowed it through YouTube’s tools. Every video contains HTML code which you can copy and paste onto your blog.
You should know that embedding too many videos onto your blog can create much slower load times for people reading or watching your blog. It’s better for your viewers if you limit your video embeds to one or two videos.

YouTube does many things right and has a huge community backing it up. It’s no wonder that it is the most popular video hosting service on the internet. There is more content on YouTube than you can watch in several lifetimes even if you watched YouTube all day, every day for the rest of your life.


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