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Yummly App Review: Does Yummly Stand the Kitchen Test?

by Peggy B.

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Yummly Cooking App Review: Best Features and Highlights for Yummly Cooking App

Yummly is just the perfect cooking assistant you would need whether you are a novice trying your luck for the first time in the kitchen or a cooking ninja who is excellent at stirring delicious recipes. From recommending trending recipes to useful kitchen tools, Yummly makes your life in the kitchen fun and interesting. Best of all, it's a personalized cooking app with a very user-friendly interface which is a plus for non-tech-savvy people out there. So here is what makes the app one of the best of its kind.

Easy setup policy

This is one of those rare cooking apps which lets you use it without getting connected through any social media accounts like Facebook or Google. Of course, choosing this option will not help you remember your cooking preferences and other features of personalization, but it will help you with your cooking process.


Personalization is a plus

If you have any social media accounts, Yummly will use it to give you customized recommendations. However, if you are that kind of a person who loves to do things manually, you have to press the 'Yum' button which is like the Facebook version of the like button, and the app will automatically send you recommendations based on your preferred recipes.

This app is a boon for people with limited food choices like vegetarians and vegans. The app has recipes for vegetarian people, lactovegetarian, ovo vegetarian and vegan which makes it stand out from the rest of its kind. It also takes into account dietary options like pescetarian and paleo diets.

Yummly App

Precise tabs make your life easy

The app has three primary tabs- Just for You, Explore and Store which makes accessing it very simple. The Just for You tab is a customized approach to your cooking preferences and is tailor-made for you.

The Explore tab, as the name suggests, lets you explore myriad recipes under specific categories like Trending Now, Kid Friendly and Seasonal. If you like to see the recipes brewing before taking the plunge, Yummly gives you that option as well. There is a video section, which is operated through YouTube in the app that lets you browse through cooking videos and lets you decide the difficulty level of each dish before you start cooking it.

Now let us come to the Shop tab. Now, the app will not let you directly buy ingredients for your recipe online, but it will recommend you smart cooking tools that you can later buy online so that your cooking process becomes easier. If you click on these recommendations, the app will direct you to Amazon where you can buy those.

Yummly App Review

Yummly is inundated with recipes

This cooking app takes recipes very seriously. It has millions of in-built recipes from different cuisines across the globe. On top of that, every recipe has a beautiful picture of it and also contains important information like total calorie intake, special information about ingredients and the time needed to cook the recipe. Every recipe has reviews from people which lets you help decide whether you want to cook the recipe or not.


Smart and friendly user interface

The Yummly team has done an amazing job in conceptualizing an attractive and simple user interface which is a difficult feat to achieve on Android. The crisp pictures of each lip-smacking recipe are a delight to see. The best feature of the user interface is its rich recipe screen which uses animation to get things going. The facts about nutrition intake for each recipe come with an animation twist and look very presentable on the screen.

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Yummly Reviews by Users

Some Amazon and Yummly users of the app had this to say about Yummly:

- "I absolutely love this app on my phone! I've been trying to find new vegan recopies that my family will enjoy and with Yummly I am able to search by "Vegan" or "Plant-based" but also by ingredient. So I see we have some brown rice sitting there, not really being used and I go ahead and put "Brown Rice" into a search. A ton of different results show up, and I found a very tasty recipe for crockpot Mexican rice and beans that we did last we and we're also going to do again tonight.

This app has to give me a slew of ideas and my boyfriend and son are amazed by how yummy they all really sound and we can't wait to try them all.

I know that some people can argue that you can just google different recipes, but I love this app because you don't have to sift through all the junk I normally find on a web while attempting to search for new meal ideas for my family. Plus while googling stuff I tend to get distracted and this doesn't let me get too far off base! I would recommend this app to anyone looking for new meal ideas or just trying to find something different."

- "Most of the receives are superb! I love the variety and diversity of Yumlley's chooses! It's a wonderful app this to have. I highly recommend for a person who loves cooking; plus, you needed to be a pro, if I can anyone can!"

So, to sum up the Yummly reviews, the app has some notable pros that make it popular:

  • Easy login and easy use
  • Allows you to choose which foods you want to leave out of recipes (perfect for dietary restrictions)
  • Allows you to find materials and ingredients you need to your recipes
  • Customizable search
  • Allows you to create shopping lists based on the dishes you want to cook



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