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Zoom Dating Tips that Can Help You Find Love

by Peggy B.

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Zoom Dating Made Easy!

Online dating is nothing new, but 2020 has taken it to the next level, with COVID-19 forcing single people the world over to get creative with their love lives. With the global pandemic still affecting our lives and social distancing present, going to a café or a bar is no longer an option for most people. Luckily, Zoom has come to the rescue and allowed millions of singles to date online without actually going out. To have a successful Zoom date, you need to have some tricks up your sleeve, and the following tips will boost your Zoom dating to a whole new level.

Focus on your date

Most of us can get pretty distracted when we talk to people on Zoom or other video chats, but that should not be the case when you are on a Zoom date. Remember – on a video date, the other person can see everything that you are doing, so you need to focus on them and not start doing other things around the house. Devote your attention to the date, and you might just have a love connection.


Take it easy

Like in the non-virtual world, you should not take Zoom dating too seriously. Not every date should be a potential long-term relationship, and you should not treat it as such. Instead, try to focus on getting to know new people, people that you might someday be able to hang out within the real world. This attitude will help you feel and act lightly, and that will have a great effect on your mood and the way you conduct yourself on Zoom date.

Set boundaries for yourself

Before you go on a Zoom date, think about your boundaries, and what things you are willing and unwilling to do on your dates. Some people will try to get you to do things that you do not want to do, and you have to let them know that you are not okay with it. You owe nothing to anyone but yourself, so if feel uncomfortable with someone's request, do not hesitate to tell them that.

Stay safe at all times

A Zoom date is just like any other date, aside from the fact that it is not held in a classical dating spot. Even though you are in the comfort of your own home, you should stay safe and not get caught up in the moment. Do not reveal personal information right off the bat, and avoid talking about financial matters. There are many people out there who try to take advantage of others by getting them to talk about their personal financial matters and other topics, so you need to be careful about what you say. Also, you should run a background check on the people you are dating and find out if they have a criminal record, if they are married, divorced, or if there are other details that they did not tell you.

 Zoom Dating

Get dressed as if you are going out

On a Zoom date, you and the person that you are dating are assessing each other, and looking at one another for at least an hour. So, you should be dressed to impress – as if you are going out. Remember – you don't have to overdo it; just dress comfortably and in an outfit that flatters you. No ties or high-heels are necessary. Show the other person that you are making an effort for them, and expect the same for yourself.

Clean up your home

Whether you are having a Zoom date in your bedroom, home office, kitchen, or living room – make sure to tidy up before you "go out". Under usual circumstances, your date will not see your home on the first date, so you should try to make a good first impression on your first Zoom date. Clean up your home and make sure there aren't things laying around that you don't want your date to see.

Set the mood

Lighting can have a great effect on the way you look and the type of message you convey to your date. To feel as comfortable as possible, set the lighting to what you like, and get make test out the camera before you log into your date.

Zoom Dating Tips

Be realistic

A Zoom date can go great, but you will never hear from the other person again. This is a very common scenario on video dates because as much are you try, it is not the same as the real thing. Being near a person and seeing his reactions and behavior up close cannot be competed with, so you should just try to have fun and not expect the next great American romance to come out your Zoom date. Be realistic and manage expectations before and after your Zoom dates.

2020 has turned many things upside down, and even dating took a big hit. Luckily, the Zoom app came to the rescue, and now you can have dates right at home. When you go on a Zoom date, you need to remember several key rules, the most important of which is to have FUN and enjoy yourself.


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