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Best Health Insurance Companies in Alabama

by Eddie V.

Health Insurance Alabama, Alabama Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Alabama

An Alabama resident, you enjoy a plethora of options when it is a matter of health insurance. Some health insurance companies operate in the state. Each of these companies offers a broad range of plans to satisfy some health requirements. Every health insurance product complies with the Obamacare or as it is formally known the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). These are to be found at the ACA health exchanges.

You can buy private health insurance in Alabama if you are an independent professional or self-employed. It is also a viable option if a group plan is not provided by your employer. A private plan makes sense if you are already enrolled as part of a certain group plan, but it does not cover dependents or spouse. Take a new health insurance plan if you are already enrolled in a plan but suffer from steep premiums. Take a health plan if your needs are changed and your present health plan is not suitable to meet your current requirements.

Health Insurance Alabama

If both you and your domestic partner or spouse are searching for a brand new health plan, it is recommended that you do the requisite homework on multiple health insurance quotes separately and also together. Act together to locate the most affordable for the both of you. The health insurance rates depend on the age of the person applying for the insurance. When it comes to couples who have the age difference of only a few years, they can reduce their total expenses by applying to separate health insurance schemes. In case you decide to apply as a couple to any health insurance plan, ensure the plan covers all the benefits required by you both.

The following companies offer health insurance plans in Alabama:

Assurant Health Health Insurance
Assurant operates out of Milwaukee. It provides quality health coverage and health insurance to approximately one million members from the time of its inception in 1982. The company prides itself on offering health insurance plans which enjoy a wide coverage and offer valuable protection at the same time.


Standard Security Life Health Insurance
This company began operations in 1978. Popularly known as IAC, it provides management services to big companies which go for self-insure.

Humana Health Insurance
Humana provides some affordable options in health insurance. It helps members to better manage healthcare. Potential buyers can access the company's website to enable them to enjoy informed health decisions.

Celtic Health Insurance
This company focus on individual health insurance. It sells a bouquet of plans to both individuals and also families.

Alabama Health Insurance

John Alden Health Insurance
It is one of the oldest health insurance companies in the United States, selling health coverage all over America since the time the company was founded in 1961. The company at present is a subsidiary of Assurant. Individual health coverage and small group coverage are sold by John Alden; The company also retails plans related to Health Savings Accounts.

Time Insurance Health Insurance
The current name of the company is Assurant Health; The company offers insurance coverage for businesses,  individuals, seniors, students, and families.

UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance
One company, named Golden Rule, has offered eminently affordable solutions for health insurance exceeding 60 years.

Time Short Term Health Insurance
This company now offers its products via the Assurant brand name. The Time Health Insurance company offer exhaustive coverage for a short period at extremely affordable rates. 

WorldIns ExpressMed Health Insurance
This company provides multiple kinds of plans relating to individual health insurance. These ranges from basic dental coverage to exhaustive major medical plans.

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