Frequently Asked Questions

What is

GoLookUp is a public data aggregator. We gather data from a number of sources and allow you to easily search millions of records. You may search for a person’s background or find out information about a number that has been calling you.
Our reports gives detailed data of public records such as court records, emails, social information, martial status, phone numbers, sex offenders, criminal records and much more.

What is a Background Check Search?

A background check is a process which involves searching through public records to compile an accurate report about an individual. The background check search is performed based on a person's first name, last name and state of residence, and it includes searching criminal records, financial records, marital records in and any state, government or judicially held records that reveal accurate information about a person's past.

Who can I search for?

A background check search can help you find information about all the people in the United States that are registered in one of its 50 states. All citizens of the United States can be subject to a background check that involves searching through their public records held in different official departments.

What Does a Background Check Report Contain?

A background check contains all the public records pertaining to an individual from birth do death. Such records include marriage and divorce records, criminal records, credit history, education, traffic violations and any at all records gathered by the state and the officials where the person in question lives or used to live.

What is a Reverse Phone Search?

A reverse phone search is a search based on a person's or a company's phone number. The reverse phone search allows the service users to conduct a background search based on a person's/company's phone number in order to find details whenever a name or any other personal identifier are unavailable.

What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money is money that has been forgotten or left behind by an individual. Unclaimed money is usually held up in unclaimed paychecks, pension funds, insurance claims and other places where a person has 'abandoned' money that belongs to him or her, mostly without knowing that it exists.

What is an Unclaimed Money Search with GoLookUp?

An Unclaimed money search with GoLookUp allows the website's users to conduct the most indepth search for funds and estates they or someone related to them have left behind. The unclaimed money can be searched in all the states a person has lived in, and the website also offers the necessary paperwork needed to file the claim to get back the unclaimed money.

What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

A reverse e-mail lookup is a search based on a person's or a company's email address. The reverse email search allows GoLookUp users to search and find public records about a person or a company that are sending mails, and that the user does not know. The search is meant to help people avoid spam mail and online fraud by revealing the true origins of emails sent to them.

What is a Reverse Address Lookup?

A reverse address lookup is a background check search that is conducted based on an individual's home address. The search in performed in cases where a person has provided a false name and someone in his or her life with to know the truth about them. A reverse address lookup is also performed in cases where a person wishes to seek information regarding a property, such as loans made against it, sex offenders living nearby, sales prices and much more.

What are Criminal Records?

Criminal records are all the records having to do with a person's criminal past, such as the traffic violations they committed, criminal offenses under their name, domestic violence records and much more. Criminal records allow GoLookUp users to find out the truth about a person's criminal past and to learn what kind of offenses he or she have committed in all 50 US states.

What is Sex Offender Data Base?

A sex offender data base, which is coordinated by the Department of Justice, is a data base that includes the names and latest updates of all the registered sex offenders living in the United States today. The data base coordinates information about nearly 800,000 registered sex offenders as of today and GoLookUp has access to all of them.

How Long has GoLookUp been in Business?

GoLookUp was established in 2015 in order to give people answers regarding individuals they meet in real life and also in the online world. The website is now one of the largest providers of access to public records that cannot be obtained in free background check websites.

What am I being Charged for?

A membership with GoLookUp gives you complete access to all every feature the website offers. You can perform unlimited searches and set up report alerts, as well as download PDFs related to your searches.

What is InfoHub Blog on GoLookUp?

The InfoHub Blog is an ever-expending source of information and tips regarding important aspects of life, such as dating, security, general knowledge and much more. InfoHub offers readers access to the latest professional tips on various topics and also news relating to crimes committed in the United States.

What Can I use GoLookUp for?

GoLookUp can be used for every purpose relating to finding information about people you meet as well as companies all across the United States. A partnership with GoLookUp allows you to conduct the most thorough background checks and gather accurate information, including criminal and arrest records, past sexual offences, unclaimed money and property, company information, social media information and much more. The website also helps you reconnect with old friends, long lost family members and even old flames. All the information found on the website in meant to help you find valuable information about people all across America, and also keep you and your loved ones safe from harm with the power of knowledge.

What Can I NOT use GoLookUp for?

GoLookUp is not meant to be used for any harmful purposes, such as identity theft, evaluating job candidates, extorsion or any other purpose besides revealing information for personal use.

Are My Searches with GoLookUp Private?

All the searches on GoLookUp are 100% private and secured, so you can be sure that no one besides you will know about the searches you conducted. The searches cannot be breached, so you will be able to look for what you need without fearing that someone will invade your privacy.

Where Can I Find some Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews on GoLookUp are found in various websites that provide people with reviews on various products and services. By simply searching for "GoLookUp reviews" on any search engine, you will find reviews on the search services on the website, as well as the 24-hour customer support service.

How Can I Reach Your Customer Service?

You can reach our professional customer service at any time of the day and get answers for whatever questions you may have. You can contact us in any one of these three ways: via email at, on our toll-free number at 1-877-890-2213, or by sending us mail in the good old fashioned way at 1000 N West Street, Suite 1200, Wilmington, Delaware 19801.