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There is is close to 60 Billion Dollars that is available with state governments, financial institutions, and/or companies. The most common unclaimed money is ‘no owner contact’ for forgotten checking and savings accounts, as well as security deposits, IRS unclaimed refunds, uncollected insurance checks and even inheritance that is simply sitting; untouched.

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What is Unclaimed Money and How Does it Work?

It is highly likely that you, your family member, or someone you know has unclaimed money or property in the state you live, or in another state you have lived. If government or companies owe you money and it is not collected, than it is unclaimed. Currently governments do not have a central websites to check for missing money. GoLookUp searches over 100 million records of unclaimed money.

You did not find any money in your name, and no unclaimed money results came back for you or your family member? That is not a problem. When you sign up with GoLookUp you can set up system alerts that will allow you to be notified whenever there is unclaimed money, missing money, unclaimed assets and/or properties that may belong to you or your family member. When you register with GoLookUp you get Unlimited Unclaimed Money Searches, Background Check Searches, Reverse Phone Lookup Searches, Criminal Records, Arrest Records, Contact information and much more!
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How Unclaimed Money Data Base Looks like

Unclaimed Money — Get What is Rightfully Yours

60 billion dollars – this is the mind-boggling sum of unclaimed money tied up in unknown pension funds, bonds, government agencies and other official establishments across the US. Taking into account the financial instability that many people in America experience today, an infusion of funds from Unclaimed Money sources can be very helpful.

Finding these lost funds is very difficult without the proper tools, but with GoLookUps unclaimed money search, you can find and get the money that is rightfully yours.

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About Abandoned Money and Reclaiming It

Abandoned money might sound a bit dramatic, but it is the exact term for nearly 60 billion dollars found in the hands of the states. The majority of the unclaimed money is held by each state, coming up to almost 42 billion dollars.

In addition to the states, unclaimed money is found in the following:

Life insurance Unclaimed Money
State-held unclaimed property Missing Money
Pensions Unclaimed Money
Savings bonds (Only in the U.S) Missing Money
Tax refunds Unclaimed Money
Uncashed paychecks Missing Money

Each state is required by law to give the abandoned and unclaimed money to its rightful owners, i.e. the people that earned it or their relatives. After discovering about the possibility to reclaim money, many people have struggled to find it, but came up empty, due to the difficulty to find accurate information in different establishments to claim the right for the ownership on said funds.

In order to help you find the money you or your family are entitled to, GoLookUp has set up a unique Unclaimed Money search. All you have to do to find any lost money is to enter the first and last name of the person your inquiring about in the search feilds, and also the state you want to research. In a manner of minutes, you will receive the results of your search and will be able to know if the name you were inquiring about is entitled to money. The search covers millions of public records and financial records and searches for Unclaimed Money that has had zero activity or contact with its owner for over 12 months.

If you come to find that there is no unclaimed money under the name you provided, that does not mean that it is not entitled to unclaimed money. In order to continue the search for lost money, you can set up a special alert on GoLookUp that lets you know if any money was found under that name

Also, you can have unlimited searches for unclaimed money, either under your name or that of a loved one. Once you find that a certain name is one of the millions that have money coming their way, GoLookUp will provide you with the proper forms you need to fill in to reclaim it. Don't wait any longer. There is a great chance you are entitled to a lot of money

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